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Hidden Packages

1. First off, you may be able to skip ahead a bit, so read ahead. Starting
from Ammunation in the Ocean Beach Area head south. When you reach the T
intersection make a right turn. You will be on a street that curves back
north. If you pass a fountain when you make this right turn you are in the
right area. On the left you should see a dock. (At one point during the
game you pick up missions here, but I´m making the assumption some of you
have not gotten here yet.) You should be able to pick up a boat here. Don´t
try to go through the locked gate. Anyhow, once you have a boat head west
out of the docks. As soon as you clear the docks head DIRECTLY south. You
should see three islands on your map. Head for the southwest island. It´s
pretty easy to identify because there is a rampage on it. Just north of the
Rampage is package #1.
2. Follow the same directions as package #1 to get to the area where there are
three islands. Point yourself northeast and you should see a large collection
of rocks. I suggest pulling into the rocks from the east (heading west).
Package #2 is on top of these rocks.

A nifty point of interest in this area is the large sunken ship off the coast.
According to hannibal106th the side of the ship says Chartering Libertine
Lines. Same as one of the ships on the dock.

3. Finally, back to land. Go to Ammunation in Ocean Beach. Head directly south
(past the fountain), through the trees and bushes, and you should see a
sidewalk. On your right there is a house facing the water. Package #3 is
next to the steps.

4. Start from your Ocean View save point. (Save Opportunity.) Head South. On
your left you should see a lighthouse. It´s very easy to spot. Just head
directly towards the lighthouse (don´t fall in the water). The 4th package is
on the lighthouse steps.

A another nifty point of interest for you. You can enter and climb to the top
of the lighthouse... great view!

5. Go to Ammunation in Ocean Beach. Head South, make a right at the T
intersection (past the fountain) and head to the docks on the left. Just
southeast from the locked gate and you will find an underground car park.
You will find package #5 in a corner on the north side of this car park.

6. Go to Ammunation in Ocean Beach. Head north. On the second main road you
come across you should see a large red wall. Keep going north past this wall.
Keep left, and you should see a hospital. Enter the hospital parking lot.
Go around the hospital towards it´s south side. You should see a white wall
on your left, and the hospital wall on your right. You should emerge in a
small grassy area. To the south in this area you should see a white building.
Go around the back of this building and you will find package #6. (There is a
rampage near the front of this building, be sure not to fall off the ledge
where the rampage is.)

7. Go to Ammunation in Ocean Beach. Head north all the way to the waters edge.
Then turn left(West). As you head toward the bridge you will see a small
building on the right(North). There is a small walkway that leads around this
building. Follow it and it will lead you under the bridge, where you will find
package #7.

8. Before you start this go find a PCJ 600. Go to Ammunation in Ocean Beach.
Head north. Eventually you should see the mall on your right hand side. It´s
got a red sign. Make a right, you should see a gas station on the right hand
side. Make a left at the T intersection. The second building on the right is
the one with the package, but it´s on top of the building. To get up top get
yourself a PCJ 600. Go up the spiral parking lot across from this building.
What you have to do is position yourself in the southwest part of the top
level, facing east. Then just punch it. You should be able to jump over to
the building next to the one we need to get on top of. Hope you still have
your bike, because now you need to jump over to the building using one of the
three ramps on top of this building. There you have it, package #8. A note
of interest in this area is that there are a lot of nice ramps.

That´s it for Ocean Beach.

Washington Beach

9. Get yourself back to the spiral parking lot entrance from the last package
instructions. To the east you should see a building with a little circle logo
on it, it´s purple and green and says GGs. North of this building is a very
tall pink building. That is where you need to be. Get to the steps of this
building and just head around the back from either way. Near the pool, right
next to some armor, is package #9. There is also an Ingram back there.

10. Before you start this go find a PCJ 600. Get back to your hotel. Head
North and look at the names of the hotels on your left. Stop when you
find the colon hotel. It´s got a large blue sign shaped like an upside down
T. Go around back and you should see a police bribe in an alley. On the south
end of this alley is a staircase. What you have to do is use this staircase
as a ramp to jump to the building across the street. Start from the police
bribe and punch it towards the staircase, you have to hit it a little to the
right to make the building. Once you get across package #10 is on the south
side of the roof.

Congrats, Body armor.

11. Go to the lawyer´s office. It´s northwest from your hotel, and across the
street from a place that you can buy as a save point. Go up the stairs to the
icon for the save point place, and then go around back to the left hand side.
Package #11.

12. From the lawyer´s office head north. You should see a bridge up ahead.
Package #12 is on the right hand side of the bridge. It´s hidden behind the
bridge support on the right, as you get close you should see it´s halo.

13. Get a heli. For more information on how to do so please see my section
entitled ´Where can I find a helicopter?´ at the bottom of this document.
This package requires a helicopter to reach. Anyhow, package #13 is on a the
roof of a blue and white building just south of the police department in the
washington beach area. Another good point of reference is Starfish Island,
it´s almost directly east of the bridge leading off of the island. Using the
helicopter makes getting a lot of these packages easier, of course, but I´m
not going to use it exclusively. I´m sure if you want to use the heli you can
use my directions to find the packages.

14. Head to the beach. This is one of the easiest packages. It´s on the steps
of a hut almost directly east from the police station. If all else fails just
check all the huts.

15. Start from the hotel save point. Head directly north. Keep an eye on the
signs on your left, you are looking for the Moonlite Hotel. Once you pass it
take the next left. If you see a staircase on your right you are probably in
the right place. Straight ahead of you is the police station. (Another easy
way to get here is to just get busted.) Go inside. DON´T PULL A GUN IN HERE!
Walk up to the sign that says ´no civilians past this point.´ Don´t go in
just yet. Make sure you are well rested. If you ran in here just stop to
catch your breath, you are gonna need the running juice. I came in here with
full health and body armor and I nabbed the package, for the first time, at
30 health. Anyhow, run forward and you should see stairs leading up on your
right. Take the stairs and head straight. The package is in the room directly
ahead of the stairs. While you are doing this cops will be constantly
shooting at you. Go fast and you can even make it out alive. :-)

SPOILER! It has been brought to my attention (thanks Wil) that at some point
in the game you can get a cop uniform and avoid being shot at in here.

16. Get to the ´bunch of tools´ store that is east of Starfish Island. If you
look at your pause map it´s the one that´s pretty much in the middle of the
island. Across the street to the west there is a small set of stairs, go up
them. On your left you should see the most gaudy house ever. It´s pink and
white with peach trim. It´s also got a moat. Just circle the house. The
package is in a corner where a white wall meets a pink wall.

17. Get to the same ´bunch of tools´ from the last package and head up the
same steps, but this time just head towards the back wall. There is a set of
open pool showers against the back wall. The package is in the orange shower.

18. Head to the bridge that leads to Starfish Island. It´s just north of the
showers from the last package. Head around the bridge to the right, and you
will find this package under the bridge.

That´s it for Washington Beach.

Vice Point
Vice Point is basically the north half of the first island. It´s a large area
with a lot of packages. There are more packages in this area then any other.
Ready? Let´s go.

19. Get to the ´bunch of tools´ store that is east of Starfish Island. The
same one from package #16. Head out of the east exist and head north. Keep a
close eye on your left hand side and you should see the Spand Express
Shipping Company (Spand Express a.k.a. Spand-Ex). The package is behind the
building. This is also the location of the ´Riot´ mission.

20. Just north of the Spand-Ex shipping company is a construction site.
(Where Avery appears). Walk up the wooden planks and get to the third floor
of the site. There is an awkward I-beam sticking out to the west. The package
is at the end of this beam.

Congrats! Chainsaw!

21. Across from the building site (Avery´s) from the last package is a row of
white houses. Behind these houses is a small dock. This package is on the end
of this very short dock.

22. Read this whole description before doing anything. Head north from your
ocean view save point. When you reach the curve to the left, follow it and
then make a right as soon as you can (on to a street). Follow the street
north and you should run right into the Malibu club. Get to know this location.
Look at where it is on your map. Get to know what it looks like from above.
You know what´s coming. Get a helicopter. The building you want is across the
street from the Malibu. You have to land IN the pool, but the package is on
the ledge up the stairs from the pool. You are going to want to keep the
helicopter around for package 24. There is a great place to park it behind
the Malibu while you get the next package.

23. This one is easy. It´s right behind the Malibu, in the parking lot. Right
on the other side of the gate.

24. Get a helicopter. Get to the Malibu. Directly north of the Malibu is
another building with a pool on top. It is pretty hard to land the helicopter
there, so watch ...
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