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Vehicle Tricks

Admiral: Damage-proof:
Play the Guardian Angels mission. Fail the mission and take the Admiral that your associates arrived in. It is dent and bullet proof.

Coach: Easy money:
Hijack a Coach bus. You can ride around town and look for the bus stop signs. You will make $5 for each person you pick up. Sometimes you can even wait at the bus stop and people will start entering the bus

Coach: Ride with cops:
Go to a bus stop and wait for a bus. Get in and kill the driver. Attract the police, get them near the door, then go in. The police will enter with you but you will not get caught.

Enforcer: Free armor:
Steal an Enforcer and you will get full armor instantly

FBI Washington:
Go to the pizza restaurant in Downtown. Go around the back and you should see a FBI Washington

Police Helicopter: Easy kill:
It is easy to kill a police helicopter with a sniper rifle. Aim at the cockpit windows and fire a couple of times

Pony: Black:
Do the Loose Ends phone mission. Kill everyone, but do not finish the mission. Go get two Packers and drive them both as if you are playing leapfrog or else they will disappear. Park one of them in front of the gate that you came in. Drive the other Packer up its ramp so that it goes over the gate. Next, position this Packer so that you can drive the black Pony up the ramp and over the gate. Drive it to a garage and return. If you are lucky, the Packer did not disappear and you can also get a pitch black Admiral.

Sabre Turbo: Damage proof:
This Sabre Turbo is bullet proof, explosion proof, and flame proof. It can receive damage and blown off tires but cannot explode, even if flipped over. In order to get it, you must first purchase the Malibu Club and do the mission called The Driver. In this particular mission, you will be racing Hilary the getaway driver. He will be the one driving the BP Turbo Sabre. Do the mission and try to stick with Hilary throughout the race. He does the race nearly perfect. When you get to the end make, sure you have Hilary in your sights as you let him pass the finish line first. Once you have done this, the ´Mission Failed´ message will appear and Hilary will disappear in the Turbo. Enable the ´Lower wanted level´ code. The Sabre will be locked. You will have to push it with another car to the nearest Hideout. The El Swanko Casa or the Links Leaf View apartment are recommended. Push the Sabre Turbo into your garage and wait for it to close. After that, you have a new BP Sabre Turbo.

Drive inside buildings:
Find a building that has enough space in the door to drive a car into. Slowly drive the car so its front end is partially in the building. Get out of the car and stand behind its bumper. Hold X to run and push the car into the building. The car will only go so far in. Once you cannot move the car in any further, go inside the building. Once inside turn around, and you will see the car. Press Triangle to get in the car and drive it around. To get a Motorbike in a building simply drive towards the entrance and bail, leaving the bike to go through the entrance

Faster destruction:
Shoot a car in the back near the gas tank and it will light on fire faster

Cars: Wheelie:
Enable the ´Change wheel size´ code about five times. Find a car like the Bobcat, Baggage Carrier, Rancher, or any other car that goes faster than normal. Then, enable the ´Better driving skills´ code. When you hit the gas, you will pop a wheelie.

Motorcycles: Backflips:
Drive a Sanchez, or better yet, a PCJ 600 to the car showroom. Go down the street to the south. Turn around and drive fast down the sidewalk on your right. When you see the grass hill on the left, turn sharply into it. Do not use the brake, emergency brake, or let off the gas. When you hit it, you should be holding Down/Left. You will do insane stunts such as 540 Backflips. Make sure not to land backwards or you will fall off. Balance yourself with Up and Down for a soft landing.

Motorcycles: Go faster:
You can make any bike go faster. A very long straight section of road is required, as it is very difficult to steer while going this fast. While driving, press the Left Analog-stick slightly Up. Tommy will lean forward and you should hear the engine rev faster, along with traffic and scenery passing by in a blur.

Motorcycles: Easy passengers:
You can get a passenger on the back of your motorcycle-class vehicles easily. Find one with two people on it. Knock both people off, and make sure the passenger gets to the motorcycle before the driver does. Try punching the driver a few times. Do not shoot or the passenger will run away. Once the passenger gets on, just hop on and ride away.

Go for a tour:
Get any civilian vehicle (no cop cars or taxis). Knock the passenger side door off the car using a club-class weapon or by scraping it along a wall. Drive around until you find a carjacker (usually white men in brown leather jackets). Make sure the carjacker approaches the car from the passenger side. When he starts to get in, drive away. The carjacker will have control of the car, but you will still be riding along. Sit back and enjoy your free tour of vice City. You will not be able to shoot or control the car in any way. You can look around by using L2 and R2. To end your tour, hold Triangle. If the carjacker does something to upset the police, they will bust you as if you were driving. Also, if the car blows up, you will not die (unless you have low health to begin with) and you will be trapped inside the car. You will need to enable the ´Suicide´ code or reload a saved game to continue.

Fix flat tires:
When you have a flat, enable the ´Health´ code to fill up the tire again. Note: This will not work when on a motorcycle.

Keep black or pink cars:
Enable the ´Black traffic´ or ´Pink traffic´ code. Park any car that you want to remain in that color and save the game. When you reload, you will have that color car. This does not seem to work on certain mission cars, such as the taxis. If you already have a car in your garage and wish to make it black, enable the code, drive into a Pay ´N´ Spray and do the same as the above

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