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Reff- whata main....event level match....bedt performance by ewan.......I gotta say...I love watching tgese two...u two share a chemistry....dragon dominated in the beginning but ewan took ovet and pinned Dragon for win and goes to fight for hvt title
splash reversed gotta knees up! Oh u made me remeber of my worm i started hip hop n break dance went top n a worm. Choked u neck u stood n i completed u with aa. Not enough gotta alley oop u went flying out then a comet drop!
piledriver as i was too heavy u cant pick me up u droped me suddenly a super kick 2 then special punck rush. Not done but austin kick rush then randy orton knee drop u started bleeding now i finished u by a nightmare kick!
n then irish whiped you to the rope n the continue by lou thesz press i beat punch in your face hardly n then followed by running rope double elbow drop in your bleeding face...then when u woke up i naled you with stunner! quickly i went to top turnbkle i did 450 splash on anger up..i think that was not enough i hit diving elbow drop from another tunbkle u got hurt like burning worm..
15.02.2014 09:09 EST,
when did anacondavise suddenly i wok up like undertaker!! haha remember punk vs undertaker wm29 ?lol n then i threw you out from the ring..i hit ur head to the steel step hardly...n then i spine buster you ti the steel step..crowd chanting this is awesome! i took crowd spirit my energy up..also my anger coming..then i dragg u to the ramp now i took ur brain out with pidgree onto the ramp ur blood spurt out from ur head alot so scary to see that..i sent u back to the ring i nails you swinging neck breaker n coverd u..
15.02.2014 09:07 EST,
got anger n a smal distance laret but not done grabed u n a jackhammar slam haha felt gud then took u on top n ko divider. Lol then again dragn grip come on tap out!
when u try brogue kick me i grab ur leg n change it to ankle lock haha u trap boy! n then i gave u pele kick n continued when u get up i did running heel kick whe u try woke up again i i gave u hunt kick..u fell down..done hogan leg drop as u laying...n then hardly irish whiped to the naked conner tubmnbkle u got hurt on back body then i connect running big boot kick straight on ur mouth makes you lost all ur i finish u with piledriver hardly i broke ur neck!
15.02.2014 09:04 EST,
again u forgot! I think u have remembering loss coz when u choped me 1st time i turned n given rikishi finger thrust followed by a stunner! Then a anaconda wise u r wriding in pain n crowd n me enjoys it!
i took out my cobras glove u so scary see i gave u some of punch.. actually idk wat i want to do right now haha but i just irish whiped u to the rope n gave u arm drag again n again..n then i went to ur back i hitted u diamon cutter u laying at the mat i did running rope standing headbutt u shocked n wake up as dizzy i hit u my cobraaaa!!!! u fell down i coverd you..
15.02.2014 09:01 EST,
batista sleeper hold haha i convert it to kimura lock! n then i threw you out from the ring...i gave u gutt kick n did ddt to you onto the floor...n then i drag u on to the anouncer table i hit your head there...jbl cole king them all was ran away..haha...i took you gave u kick ti the gutt hardly n finish ur nightmare with ewans bomb onto the anouncer table!! u injury alot Unconscious!
15.02.2014 08:59 EST,
u forgot when u tryed me spine buster i drop kicked u! Then like bryan i stood n followed by a running knee. U turned upside down in mid air then a irish wipe n a brouge kick then i went top n n followed by a choke drop! It pain! N feel the pain muhuhahaha
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