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REFF- I am disappointed....dementor dominated the match and took the victory
both legend and hall of famers will fight each other in a non title show the superiority
WEAPON- NOKIA 2626 phone
yeah i forgot it ur 'fat as pig' but u also forgot one thing that thing is i'm very strong and i can lift any pic so now i again pick him up on my shoulder and hit GTS after that when he get up i goes to close him and said ''are u enjoying na'' as soon as i finish my word i hit kick in his guts and connected TWIST OF and FATE ''cole : what a move by gamer'' then i pinned over him and then i use nokia2626 i put that mobile on his neck and then legdrop ur finished
22.02.2014 09:12 EST,
too damn lame moves vaivhav its just so much dissapointing from a veteran legend like u.. your weak figure4 was no use as i was laughing u tried to put 2626 in my mouth but i blocked that then used that 2626 to execute the samoan spike below belt region... vaibhvs eyes just popped outta his kul.. lol
22.02.2014 09:08 EST,
i take him down with ''Figure four lock'' as soon as i locked my lock he is screaming in pain so again put nokia2626 on his mouth now he can only cry which i like as i expected he start crying like ''LITTLE BABY'' i thought this is legend match but dementor turn out LITTLE BABY after that finnaly tapes out
22.02.2014 09:05 EST,
damnfallaway slam vaibhav couldnt lift me up as i was too heavy for him ,, i poke his eye and immidiately edgecutioned him.. tthen when he got up i shoved a nokia 2626 into vaibhavs mouth then i hit a violent brogue kick to his face to send the 26226 deep down his throat deepthroat lol
22.02.2014 09:04 EST,
people has strted booing and throwing trash on vainhav now.. now thats embaressing...
22.02.2014 09:02 EST,
so now i came with BIG FALLAWAY SLAM then i help to stand him quickly i attempt BIG UPPERCUT in mid air now it's great chance to me to attemp my SWING MOVE so i put 'NOKIA2626' in his mouth so he can't scream during my move you know guys i hate noise then i grab his both leg and started to swing him crowd start count 1 to 10 after 10 i drop him and cover
22.02.2014 09:01 EST,
how f5 can become horribly wrong countered the f5 into a tornado ddt on the nokia 2626
22.02.2014 09:00 EST,
dfk u think ur doing.. stopped plying.. disturbed my mind and focus.. then like certain back again??? thats bullshit.....
22.02.2014 09:00 EST,
as i connected with my network i'm back in game don't take his word surely because you know what dementor execute all his moves but not on me he is just playing alone with his 'nokia2626 like RIC FLAIR and i'm watching this comey sight of our legend with crowd we all laughing at dementor after sometime i feel bored so i went near and easily hit F-5 for him and sorry DEMENTOR i end your comedy show
22.02.2014 08:58 EST,
this isnt fun!! i expected a fight!! then signaled the cut throat and spilled my sweat on vaibhavs pathetic face,, and then when vaibhav gets up connected with Devils Wings perfectly and pinnd him rightaway
22.02.2014 08:48 EST,
after that i put couple of nokia 2626 s in my knee braces then irish whipped vaibhav on the ropes and on rebound i flapjacked vaibhav hard in the air then quickly jumped and connected the majestic midair codebreaker while the 2626 phones on my knees completely destroys vaibhavs face
22.02.2014 08:46 EST,
and then bring a nokia 2626 phone box then bring out the nokia 2626 charger and then whipped vaibhavs ass with the charger teing the phone infront of the charger
22.02.2014 08:44 EST,
u called that whispering i counter him withh a deadly rko.. and then pick up vaibhav and increases his misery by just sweet chin musiccing him over the rope and outta here
22.02.2014 08:43 EST,
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