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pcw world heavweight belt new - Newest pictures

DEM vs RED(10/5/14)ENDED


REFF- what a match....really great performances....but as per the stipulation....loser do not get a rematch....and this match saw a real good performance by dementor and he won the hvt title back from red in a match of the year contender
Its cyber heavyweight title match & loser do not get a rematch and its a NO CHANCE IN HELL match
its time to put final nail in reds cofgin.. i take janice in my hand... then signaled the suckit crotch chop to red as red is completely done he couldnt dodge a straight janice bardge to his skull. janice is stuck and hanging from his kull as i laid him with the devils wings which plant him facefirst on janice.. then pinnd red red easily
10.05.2014 10:27 EDT,
10.05.2014 10:25 EDT,
a countered kicked into the gutt followed by a gutwrenched buster and end i sealed it with a tombstone and GAME OVER.
10.05.2014 10:25 EDT,
then i signaled above then with a spotlight here comes down janice... yes.. immidiately i swing janice to reds skull where bare nails stuck into red skull..
10.05.2014 10:24 EDT,
then took him over and hit a stunner outta excitement and pinn him one two three....
10.05.2014 10:23 EDT,
rred has ran out of moves.. i expected better from red... its time ti finish.. grab red then hit him with a buzzkiller ddt followed it up with a corner wawaiting sick energetic spear... then followed it up with a pedigree
10.05.2014 10:23 EDT,
when he tried to devil winged me i counter it with a backbody drop then when he got a double middle finger waved to his pathetic face as he was about to get stunned but rockbottomed instead for a changed..
10.05.2014 10:21 EDT,
nothing helps as i took him out with ako slam abd as he det up a tajiri style green blood onto his face and he is blind fold.
10.05.2014 10:21 EDT,
tipped him by his leg and hit a reversed topbottom brain buster and it justdd him out.
10.05.2014 10:19 EDT,
outtanowhere the sick saddisted mind of jeffhardy willow with his umbrella distracted red from ringside..i took the oppurtunity and connected a bluethunder bomb.. then pick him up and hit him with a cradle piledriver to seal the deal
10.05.2014 10:19 EDT,
followed by this destruction i hit him his own medicene...devilz wings....ha! get up babby...a cutting edge spear to end him.
10.05.2014 10:18 EDT,
then grabb red by side then a huge gutwrentvh suplex.. i didnt loose the grip as roll over and connected a triple rollling gutwrentch... dem is awesome chant breakdowns from crowd.. as i pick motionless red up and neutralized him with avalanche breakdown brainbuster..
10.05.2014 10:16 EDT,
a true tribute is a warrior slam and after that a full nelson followed by a burning hammer slam on dementor to break his already damaged neck.
10.05.2014 10:16 EDT,
got him up and give a lastride powerbomb and took him to the top and give a brainbuster from there to end him.
10.05.2014 10:15 EDT,
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