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GO DEM vs RED[31/5/14]ENDED


I think i'll have to invite a guest here soon! Hmmm.....who shall i invite! Maybe.....!
31.05.2014 09:56 EDT,
Oh my god what do i see in this dream world of dementor! Eeew! Dementor has a big poster of RSR in his undies stuck to his ceiling above his bed! OMG! i know what you did there!
31.05.2014 09:53 EDT,
Bhai.....IPL finale kal hai.....! Aj kyu TV se chipka hai! Dementor got into his dream world....watchin tv! I'll beat him there also! I banged him head into the tv breaking his big fat head!
31.05.2014 09:51 EDT,
With every hit dementor getting weaker and weaker and then i make sure he never gets up! Hit up a punt straight to his head making him roll all over the ring....then i locked in the crippler crossface and his eyes roll over as he loose his senses!
31.05.2014 09:47 EDT,
Took every bit of opportunity to give dementor what he wants....i put him into camel clutch so that he wont even get a chance to get out of it! One can clearly see the pain he is in as he is growling hard! I made bare fist and banged knuckles first onto his head.....!
31.05.2014 09:44 EDT,
I read you.....pussy! I knw exactly what you up to! You'll be called the universal Pussy of the century if you did that! Everybody will come and bang you.....just like i'm doing now! Making dementor beating of his life!
31.05.2014 09:42 EDT,
With sheer power i hold his body up and banged it to the steel cage then i took him and put him into torture rake to increase him pain! Then i make sure he never gets up! Giving him a torture rake converted f5.
31.05.2014 09:40 EDT,
Come on bitch! Don't do this to me! I have to beat your shit out!
31.05.2014 09:38 EDT,
Then pull his leg to the center of the ring and bang then repeatedly like woo! woo! woo! The nature boy struck! Sharpshooter locked for the pain of his life! Pressure so hard that he can hardly bear!
31.05.2014 09:37 EDT,
As he is hanging to the ropes i quickly get to the top turnbuckle and a leg drop to his head making him go over the ropes injuring his neck!
31.05.2014 09:35 EDT,
Then as the cage is alread closed i tossed him over the ropes to hit to the cage then banged his head down on the ropes chokeing him on the wind pipe then give him a uppercut this agility makes him so slow to counter my mover i hit him a drop kick to bang his head to the cage!
31.05.2014 09:34 EDT,
As the cage is lowered! There is on escape till the foul play! Only you and me! I welcome dementor with a quick punch to the face! Wo....he didn't expected that! Then as he tried to come back at me i block him already and punches after punches then on rebound i hit him with a clothesline from hell!
31.05.2014 09:32 EDT,
The game begins.....i'm here to you dementor! Get ready! The flickering images stop as the crowd knows whos coming! It'll a show to watch!
31.05.2014 09:29 EDT,

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