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FMV DEM vs NEO vs RED vs MOE[5/4/15]ENDED


this nigga got no shit...puffin chiken in his ass looking mouth. blab somewhere else faggot.! FM Closing time MF.
05.04.2015 10:41 EDT,
take this pussy out of here...this homo harassing mf. i smashed him onto the baricade punching a hole onto it.hell nt forget this moment as crowd cherred the most at this time.
05.04.2015 10:39 EDT,
times up way ago and i don't need to reply to whining bitch called rated mia. lol. crowd got a hold of that.. hashtag rated mia!! lol.. huge chant for that!
05.04.2015 10:39 EDT,
u done with ur trash talk, gal?? moe is now 'mia' i guess. only trash talk. no good stuff in ring. shame on u boy.
05.04.2015 10:38 EDT,
a book end to neo the only other man beside the Ace. then tooj him by hand only to lay him out with ajack knife slam as he geta over a spear braking him into half.
05.04.2015 10:37 EDT,
Lol red the pop got nailed with all the moves to make em pcews ultimate bitch
05.04.2015 10:37 EDT,
Lol neo is mad he lost this match he thought hed win but sorry boy u lost ura failure nw go wear ur pantys n cry
05.04.2015 10:36 EDT,
Lol neo not everyone is illiterate as you brooo faced the fact I made u a bitch sand that's that and ay red u was the weakest link in this match all ur moves were failures
05.04.2015 10:35 EDT,
man.. this guy moe.. lol.. he has totally lost his head. lol.
05.04.2015 10:35 EDT,
ohh fk a rage again bang bang bang to moe this homo made me mad...bashed his asse with the chair hes nt gonna poop now again then i smashed a hole on the chair banging neos head out...bang goes the chair.
05.04.2015 10:35 EDT,
tume to end it with impact as i set another table in the ring and gave a huge jackhammer to red over it.. then threw him out of the ring. then kicked moe between his leg and set him up for a huge pedigree over steel steps i used earlier to pin him n end it
05.04.2015 10:34 EDT,
Neo only whined and cried for this whole bout I feel sorry for the poor soul lol
05.04.2015 10:33 EDT,
moe describing his sex give afking damn homology! patroit lock to break his ankle and then a devastating f5 following it neo tried to spear but i punt him in process and pinn him.
05.04.2015 10:33 EDT,
moe is literally crying he forgot the moves even. happens bro. old age . fucked up head. happens.
05.04.2015 10:32 EDT,
I indeed took the chair but threw it at ur face and jumped n connected wid a super man punch boss the impact was heavy as u also tried to hit a move but failed red
05.04.2015 10:32 EDT,
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