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tHè WóRlD òF PÈkTö's aNd fWèNz.

HäV|nG s0MÉ P|äCè t0 g0 iS HöMè.
HåV|nG SöMè0nÈ Tö |oVé iS a FåM|Ly.
Håv|nG BoTh ìS a B|èSs|nG.
YöU HävÈ t0 Dö ìS |o0k sTrä|gHt aNd sEè tHè r0äD AnD WhÈn y0u sÈÈ iT, d0n'T s|T Lo0k|nG Ät íT, WALk.


w0rDs cAn hUrt bUt d0nT LeT bReAk u
sTaNd tAll aNd sHoW tHeM y0uR sMiLe
n0 bUllìEs w0rTh tHe hUrT aNd pAiN ThEy tRy aNd pUt u ThR0ugH,
bE pRoUd oFwHo YoU aRE bE pRoUd oF Ur sTyLe
eVrYoNe iS DifFerEnT n0 oNe iS tHe sAmE,
bE HapPy Wid yOuRsELf aNd yOu WiLL l0vE WhAt u sEe,
liFes n0t siMpLe aNd hAs iT$ uPs aNd d0wNS liFes a gAMbLe a Bit lIkE A gAMe,
bULLiEs hAvE n0tHiNg t0 bE Pr0Ud oF, thEre JuSt JeALoUs
dOnT LeT tHeM WiN
sEt YoURsELf FrEe.

Wellcome to my mobile site.

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