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the true champions of natural philosophy

Physics has changed me completely. My Vision, My Natural Behavior, My Point of View everything got influenced strongly by the Philosophy of Physics & Nature.

At the dawn of the 20th century, ether theory fell into disrepute when it predicted reference frame dependence of the velocity of light, a prediction contradicted by the Michelson-Morley experiment and Einstein's relativity theory. (Einstein 1920) The subsequent development of quantum mechanics led to unresolved differences with relativity theory on the nature of determinism and causation. (Gribbin 1996, Callender and Huggett 2001) After the development of relativity theory and quantum mechanics, several new types of particles and interactions were discovered, leading to the Standard Model of particle physics. (Cottingham and Greenwood 1999) However, there still remain a number of physical processes that are not explained by the Standard Model. Among other things, the Standard Model does not provide a unification of gravitation with electromagnetism. Nor does it provide a method for quantizing gravity, i.e. predicting the masses of elementary particles. (Callender and Huggett 2001)

A Theory of Everything must also shed light on questions of broad importance to humanity. In particular, it must explain whether supernatural forces exist and if so how they interact with natural forces. I have no personal doubts as to what the answer to this question is, but I recognize the basic reality that many people believe in God whereas many other people do not. Our world is not wholly characterized by mechanical interactions but involves processes of thought, behavior, and social interactions. In general, a Theory of Everything must contain a broader concept of interaction that extends beyond the four fundamental interactions of electromagnetism, gravitation, and nuclear interactions. It should be adept at explaining abstract thought processes as well as physical interactions. In summary, it remains a great mystery of how to construct a theory that successfully unifies all interactions.

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