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subhankar karmakar


One may wonder but it is a certified fact that if the basic laws of Universe were just slightly different, like the change in value of the fundamental constants of the basic physical constants then it was not possible for life to grow in. As if the Universe has already know that life is coming into existence and for that purpose he fine tuned the basic laws of the universe. This theme about Universe is known as Anthropic Principle. It is true that science can not explain the cause of our existence and the existence of our Universe? Are we some special purpose machine? Is there any Grand Design behind the creation of this Universe.

The question that arise here is also very fundamental. So, why is the universe just right for life. Since the beginning of human civilisations the great question that haunts human being forever is the question about our Existence, our entity. Why do we exist? And why does the universe exist? From where our universe has been created or what is mass of any matter that exist in this physical world.

When I was a school student I used to think that everything has an answer. Some one or other must know the answer. We don't know the answer of a certain comment, solely because we didn't study enough, and when we got physics for the first time in class VIII, believe me I thought now I come to know what is matter itself. But, alas, while studying Physics I amazingly find that not only matter, also we could not define what is time and length(space) even.


I was completely indebted to the great teacher, kanai sir, who had infused a sense of scientific curiosity inside my little mind. He introduced physics as a law of nature and still now, when I am an university teacher, I honestly try to infuse the zeal once he had injected in me. Particular one incident I still remember, at that time I was in class VII, and for the first time we come to know about Rutherford model of atomic nucleas. Well, at first he introduced charge as a fundamental property of matter and next he told them the nucleus is made of several protons and around which electrons are orbitting, like planets are revolving around Sun, and both electrons and protons are charged particles, but their charges are opposite to each other.

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