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"three-fold law" - BUSTED

'Firstly, for those who do not know;- the "three-fold law" ...what you do upon others comes back to you times three'

The "three-fold", the "ten-flod", the One-hundred-fold; all of these were invented by a few human beings to frighten the masses, in order tomaintain spiritual control. With the availability of knowledge in modern times, witchcraft could no longer be suppressed, so the oppressors had to find a way to keep it in line so real power and control can remain in the hands of a few. These few 'know' the trruth and are adepts in black magick which they use liberally to spiritually enslave the masses. They control the mainstream religions that are nothing but programs to suppress knowledge and controll humanity. The article below exposes this lie for what it is: "The first known reference in print to the three-fold law of return appeared in 1970 in 'Witchcraft Ancient and Modern' by Raymond Buckland who was initiated into the craft by Gerald Gardner and was instrumental in introducing Gardnerian Witchcraft into the United States." With enough reserch, it ids evident that the "three-fold" emerged with the Gardnerian Tradition." Then we have the "seven-fold" and everyone must of heard of the "ten-fold". The point here is none of this recent man-made nonsense has anything to do with the original religions. It's sole purpose is to keep people from using their inborn power and to promote a passive attitude that is accepting of abuse. This is no different from the Christian Church. This "three-fold teaching was taken from the eastern cocept of "karma" after it merged with western Christianity. After the eastern teachings of karma picked up the Judeo/Christian overtones of divine punishment, the product evolved into yet another system of control with the same theme of keeping power in the handsof a few who know how to use it to exploit humanity. One thing led to another and Gerald Gardner added more to this and promoted the belief that witches must never use thier powers to cause harm. Everybody has to take abuse and keep a passive attitude. The Wiccan rede: "An it harm none, do what ye will." According to Gardner, the 'creed' is derived from "Good King Pausol" who declared, "Do what you like so long as you harm no one." King Pausol is a fictitious character from the french novel by Pierre Louys (1870-1925): Les Adventures du Roi Pausole: Pausole (Souverain Paillard et Debonnaire) (1901 and reprinted in 1925 numerous times since), or the Adventures of King Pausole (The Bawdy and Good Natured Sovereign.) This is the basis of "Wicca." Wicca is nothing more than a Christianized version of the old religions. Wiccans have taken selected rite and teachings to suit their Whims, from the original and have twisted, corrupted and transformed them and are now passing themselves off as the origina religion. The hypocrisy can be readily seen in the Gods they acknoweldge. Many, if not most of these Gods and Godesses that they claim to worship, were the one who brought the teachings of magick to the humans, both black and white magick. They are known as "The Fallen Ones." The original Horned God is Satan. In addition feww Wiccans bother to do any indepth reserch regarding the Gods and Godesses they commune with and worship. Most of these deties are of the Patheon of Hell. Many Wiccans and modern Pagans aslo unknowingly mix their deities (angels with Demons) and this can spell disaster. I read a long list of deities these people claim to worship and it is obvious that they really know nothing much about them. Most of these writings consist of nothing but double talk, eg. how "Ishtar" should be evoked instead of "Ashtaroth" even though they are the same Goddess. They claim using the name "Ashtaroth" is different, even though readily admit she id the same Goddess. According to author raymond Buckland, wiccans claim their religious roots to be evident in a Paleolithic cave painting of a man dressed in stag skins presumably preforming a dance. "Caverne des Trois Freres at Ariege France" is the site of htis cave painting. It is just a man dressed up in animal skins and is no proof of anything. Satanism has often served as the scapegoat for these new age religions and movements, whose adherents view themselves as so good and perfect. Wicca is a Christianized corruption of the old Pagan religions. Wicca is the Judeo/Christianized version of witchcraft. One of the major goals of Christianity is to destroy the past and replace it with fictitious versions that conform to the lie of Christianity. Recently, they have been working to turn the religion into a goddess cult, by gradually getting rid of the Horned God so there will be fewer ties with the original religions. Wicca is a bogus movement, not based upon the facts, but like Christinaity, it is based upon stolen and altered rites and teachings. Like Christianity, it depends upon the ignorance of it's followers to thrive.

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