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The Zodiac

The Sun, Moon and Planets all move through a part of the sky known as The Ecliptic.
Except for Pluto, they wander up to nine degrees either side of it.
Traditionally there are twelve constellations of the Zodiac but, in actual fact, there is a thirteenth constellation, Ophiuchus. Also, Scorpio and Capricorn are known as Scorpius and Capricornus respectively.
The constellations are:
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpius, Ophiuchus, Saggitarius, Capricornus, Aquarius and, Pisces.
The idea of the zodiac appears to date from the fifth century BC. There is a tablet in the Louvre Museum, Paris, dated at about 300 BC, which is the earliest known listing of the signs.
Although today, we now understand the true nature of the universe, there are still some people who still cling to the ancient beliefs that events in our individual lives may be predicted from observations of the skies, as performed by practitioners of astrology.
Besides, the precession of the equinoxes (due to the Earth's "wobble", like a spinning-top over a 27,000 year period) has shifted the zodiacal band of the sky as seen from Earth.
The zodiacal names do not correspond accurately to the actual constellations seen in the zodiac itself as they once did. For example, astrologers still refer to the old names, when in astrology the Sun is just entering Aries, in actual fact it's passing through Pisces!
There is no way that the movements of the planets can have an affect on our lives. The constellations' names derived from the fact that they look like a bull with horns (Taurus), or, a lion with its long flowing mane (Leo) not because we have the characteristics of such animals.
Its just coincidence that the stars have arranged themselves into the shape of Taurus the Bull, for example, its just line of sight. The brightest star in Taurus is, Aldebaran, which lies 68 light years away, and then there's zeta tauri which lies 490 light years away.
i believe sir Patrick Moore sums up astrology perfectly, when he says, "There's one born every second"!

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