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Yeah u have a great sense of humour.
Pls show ur talent.
Write ur jokes with ur name at last.
Door se dekha to aande obal rahe the!!-2 pass ja ker dekha to ganje uchal rahe the!!!! (for more joks please visit http:\
13.02.2010 13:41 EST,
Hum apni dosti ko yaadon me sajayenge, door rehkar bhi band aankhon me nazar aayenge, hum koi waqt nahi hain jo beet jayenge, jab yaad karoge tab chale ayenge.
17.06.2007 01:38 EDT,
What is this long hard thing that has hole at the tip and is being inserted into a deep slimy hairy hole and can make u feel better? Its Vicks Inhaler. Dirty mind.
09.02.2007 22:53 EST,
(cont) The next day one of the husbands calls the other one on the phone. "Hey I guess the girls had a REALLY good time last night... mine came home with no panties!!" to which the other one replies: "At least yours came back with no panties, mine came back with a bow stuck to her ass that said 'WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU' " hehehe ^^Bunny^^
30.10.2006 17:55 EST,
Two housewives wanted to have a night out, seeing as their husbands always were the ones to go out. So they go out and get so drunk that they end up walking home. On the way one of them has the urge to pee and the other to shit but the only place around is a cemetary. So they go ahead and do their business. The one who had to pee couldn't find anything to wipe with so she takes off her panties, cleans herself and tosses them. The one who had to shit couldn't find anything to wipe with either so she grabs a flower arrangement off one of the graves and cleans herself...
30.10.2006 17:53 EST,
man 2 wife : business is going down,if u learn to cook,we can remove bavarchi. wife : asshole,if u learn to fuck, we can remove driver,gardner & watchman.
27.08.2006 06:12 EDT,
After having a gr8 sex with his Girl Friend, Boy Friend saw a picture of a nude male in the wallet of Girlfriend.. BF:Ur ex? GF:Silly, that was me B4 Surgery.
27.08.2006 06:09 EDT,
A white couple had a black baby, husband cudnt believe dat it is his baby.
27.08.2006 06:05 EDT,
Club dancer dancing, Public clapping.. She removed top, more claps.. Removed BRA. Loud claps.. Removed panty, No claps.. WHY? bcoz TAALI EK HATH SE NAHI BAJTI..
27.08.2006 06:04 EDT,
Sir:cycle aur ladki me kya fark hai?.. STUDENT:sir, cycle par gaand tika kar taang hilani padti hai, aur ladki par taang tika kar gaand hilani padti hai..
26.08.2006 07:32 EDT,
What is life after all? take a girl behind the wall,Remove her protection, show ur projection,fix the connection,pour the solution, Enjoy the situation.
26.08.2006 07:31 EDT,
"Aankhe tumhari to aansu mere ho,dil tumhara to dhadkan meri ho,hamari dosti itni gaheri hoki nokri tum karo aur pagar meri ho" dost pehchan kaun?
21.08.2006 13:02 EDT,
Sex is like mathematics:Add the bed, minus the ligts, subtract the clothes, bring down the panty, divide the legs, be ready to multiply....
11.08.2006 09:18 EDT,
A bear,a lion and a chicken meet. Bear says: "if i roar in the forests of north america, the entire forest is shivering with fear." Lion says: and if i roar on the great plains of africa, the entire savannah is afraid of me." says the chicken: "Big deal.i only have to cough,and the entire planet shits itself."
11.08.2006 09:11 EDT,

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