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007: Quantum of Solace

Unlock Guard
L1 R1 square x o R1 L2 R2 triangle
Chopper explosion
On the sink hole level you can shoot the chopper
down by hitting the rotors first you need to hit
the bit were the rotors are connected the fire and
watch it EXPLODE!
The opera house how to get through the
hard part
The first one is easy walk slowly up behind him
and subdue him the second two you creep up
untill you see a crate hanging shoot at it it will fall
and that will atract the guards then silently walk
to the door once through the door stand there
untill you here a voice say "all clear down below
over" the silently walk up the stairs shoot the
man in the head {very important} then walk up
the smaller flight of stairs while you are walking
up the stairs you will hear a screetching noise
once up the stairs take cover[L1] behind the
biggest thing you see then use the right anolog
stick to view a man walking down stairs he will
stop to look at something then move as far to the
right as you can then hit triangle to turn the he
wil walk behind you do not panic when he stops
slowly walk to the stairs walk up and the and one
of the guards wil think they see something and
will walk toward you just make sure you r on the
side they cant see when they start walking back
shoot the first one in the head { very important}
then wen the second guard gets back to his
position stand up and get down quick the guard
will come toward you make sure your on the side
he cant see thenwhen he is walking back shoot
him in the head [very importan after that its easy
just follow your gps and try not to be seen
Killing in a bathroom
In Casino Royale if you are very quiet and subdue
your enemy on the balcony just after you've
started the level go into the room on the right -
that is the bathroom. Crouch and sneak upon
hiom and subdue. its a really good kill. Try it.
Opera house
First you subdue the guy thats looking to the
ocean. You turn to your left ang go behind a crate
and wait until you see another guy looking at this
box and subdue him. you press the box and it will
make a noise, go behind the same crate and
subdue him when he is looking at the box. you go
where you subdued the guy who was looking at
the ocean and turn to your right and there will be
stairs. go up them and go behind a box and shoot
both camaras and a guy is going to look around
for a little bit. wait until he stands still and subdue
him. you go straight and there will be a guy with
his back facing you and then you will subdue him
and do whatever you have to do next. BY: EPA
Shoot chandiliers so they fall on your enemies
heads. It is really cool.
Exploding flat screen!
When your in the lvl casino royal at 1 pt of the
mission ull b on a balcony wit 3 snipers coving
the area. take them out and you dont hav 2 deal
wit the anoying roof top suport. when you get 2 a
room on the rite balcony theres 3 or 2 guards. kill
the 1 in the room first (the door guards wont
notice...mabey) after you do that turn on the flat
screen. notice: this may b a distracktion so be on
your toes. get far enough away and shoot the flat
screen! this is funny because its probably a 60in
tv. (reason 2 get back is 2 avoid the explotion.)
hav fun!
Chapter 1 White's estate
First you call Mr. White and he anwsers the phone
and says hello and Bond shoots him in the leg
from a high moutin peak.Then Bond drives down
to Mr. White and Mr. White is crawling to his office
and Bond grabs his leg and says we need to talk
andMr.Whites body guards show up in cars and
Mr.White say would you like to re-consider Mr.
Bond.Then you run and vault over a bridge type
thing and then this is when you get to start
playing.First you walk out of under the bridge and
then go down the stairs on the left and walk
towards the gate and then you open the gate and
go through and then you have to break of the
lock on the next gate (or shoot it).Then you go
through an subdue the guard(press tryangle)
.Then you'll hear your budy Q he says be carful in
the green house because there are many guards
in the green house.After you shoot all the guards
vault or use the door to get out go through the
oppisite door you came in and go to the left.Then
you'll come across three guards one in front of
you(subdue him)then there is someone in the
stairs in the middle then the last set of stairs
there is the last guy.BUT WAIT THERE IS A
SHUTDOWN!Then when you go down the stairs
you go to the next part.On the next area it will
look like there is a bunch of beer kegs and then
you hear two guards talking and when theysee
you they alarm the other guards and then you kill
like 10 other guards then you climb a ladder.See
next page for info for the rest of chapter.
Hint for killing baddies in science center
In science center when james bond jumps behind
some crates because som baddies saw him there
should be a electrical thing shoot it and the
baddies will get electricuted.

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