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Relaxation & Meditiation Techniques


Contract and relax muscles in the following order, 5 times each :

Lower Legs (Calf)
Upper Legs (Thigh)
Groin (Base abdominal)
Stomach (Mid abdominal)
Lower Torso (Top abdominal)
Hands (Clench)
Upper Arms (Biceps & Triceps)
Jaw (Grit Teeth)
Face (Expression : Big smile)
Brow (Expression : Frown)


Meditation is used to further the level of relaxation through the body, until your physical body falls asleep.

Methods :

Breath deeply. Upon the completion of each inhale and exhale, hold that position for a single second. Concentrate on this breathing, control it, repeat ´In´ and ´Out´ to yourself as you breath. Stay passive and patient. I tend to count while doing this, it keeps you mentally active. When a thought comes into your head, and you lose track of the count, start from Zero again. This trick lets you know when you are starting to relax, as you will find yourself starting from zero a lot more often than you´d think...


While doing the above exercise, visualise positive energy, in your favourite colour, enter your lungs as you inhale. Feel this energy flow through your body, relaxing you. Imagine any stress and / or tension leaving your body in the form of smoke on each exhale.


Stare into the blackness beyond your closed eyelids. You will see fragments of dim light dart around, like watching an untuned television (black and white noise). The lights may become brighter, larger, morph etc. Stay passive and watch these lights, move with them mentally. Pretend its like watching your favourite film, be intrigued by them. The light may take forms, like objects, people, memories. Go with the flow, stay passive and patient. Keep the breathing deep and slow.


Think of a single object. This object must be dear to you, have value and interest. It could be anything, your lover, pet, idol etc. Picture it in your mind. Hold it there. Other thoughts will try to get your attention, its *vital* that you ignore these. Think of why this object makes you happy, think of scenario´s with this object. A very simple technique, but a lot harder than most methods. Again, breath deeply and slowly

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