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Guardian Angels are with you from the moment of your birth, helping you throughout your lifetime, until your journey takes you home. Under spiritual law, Angels are not allowed to help someone until asked - but they are always very willing to help. If you are having an argument with someone, your two Guardian Angels are praying for the best outcome for both of you; yet we also have free will, and the final decision ultimately is ours. If you are having problems with someone, treat them with respect and kindness - this will raise their vibration level a little higher, lifting depression and anxiety.

When your angels are finding it hard to get your attention they will send messages in various forms, drawing your attention to a particular book, or it might be a piece of music, or a television programme. Anything is possible - they can, after all, work through God to create miracles. You have to be open-minded to the various possibilities, and to what is happening around you, and as to how the message might be passed on to you. You will know, as it seems to just pop into your head, or something might just fall at your feet, such as a feather. Meditation is another means of communicating with your Guardian Angel, and it is important to keep a journal of what you see, and experience.

Earth angels are people who shine their light towards us; they never talk about anyone in the negative, eveything they do is with unconditional love, and they leave a lasting impression on us throughout our life. They help give assistance when we least expect it, and in a crisis you will be amazed that the right thing happened at just the right moment of time. When we are in danger, they appear from nowhere, and generally disappear in the same way. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we can have a special angel in our families - they come with a reason and they leave us when their job is complete, but their light is with us always, protecting us wherever we go.

Silent angels are from our animal kingdom - how many times has an animal warned of danger, or helped save someone´s life? They protect you when you are in need, and sometimes we are totally unaware that there is anything wrong. I have two Irish setters, and one of them persisted in sniffing at my breast. To cut a long story short, I had a tumerous lump in my breast, which without my lovely dog´s help, would have gone undetected. There are other animals like dolphins that work with children who have special needs, and the unconditional love and friendship of animals can be used to lower peoples´ blood pressure. Silent angels teach us about patience and love, and how to use our senses better, to the best of our ability. We should never underestimate the value of our silent friends in our homes and throughout our wonderful universe.

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