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A Healing Meditation

Sometimes, if we are not completely swamped under, problems can indirectly bring about a deepening of our own wisdom and compassion for others. This can occur if we remember that life is a mixture of both good and bad circumstance, and that there are many others who have very similar--or worse--problems with just the same issues that we do.

One thing that you can do is to offer up your own pain for the benefit of others. A good technique derived from Tibetan Buddhist practices is as follows:

1) Acknowledge the problem and your pain; open to being with it; you don\´t have to approve of pain, but to best handle it, you need to experience it fully so that you are in a position to let go of it.

2) Realize that pain--along with pleasure--is a fundamental aspect of this world that we live in: it\´s a package deal--they come together.

3) Understand that lots and lots of folks have it as bad, if not much worse, than you do with exactly the same problem.

4) Muster up a little (or as much as you can) empathy for all those other folks; wish that somehow you could help them too.

5) Develop the wish to take on their sufferings with this problem through a kind of transference. Imagine that your very real pain now somehow includes a portion (if even only a tiny one) of their sufferings and thereby relieves them of some of their pain.

6) Visualize that, as well as taking on some of their suffering, you also give them some of your happiness to help them as well. You can imagine their problems coming into your heart as thick black smoke, and your goodwill streaming out to them as pleasant white light.

7) You should feel that the black smoke also helps to utterly destroy your own confusion and unhealthy relationships with your problem. This should lead to a feeling of joy.

8) If you would like, you can coordinate this visualisation and imagination with your breath. Breathe in their problems and breathe out your happiness. Breathe naturally throughout.

9) Continue with this for a while until you feel a sense of completion.

It is a wonderful practice and can help balance out the personality. And don\´t worry, it won\´t bite! It may seem practically ludicrous to go asking for more trouble on top of all that one already has, but due to the interconnected nature of the world at physical and metaphysical levels, this practice helps to open the heart and can literally contribute to physical and emotional recovery.

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