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•♥°·4 u·°•♥'


look into the sky and find a star,think of me although am far,sweet is your name with each new day,deep in my heart you will always remain.

You dont need to hear my voice to now that I am here,dont need to feel my touch to know I care,you just have to know that somewhere somehow am always thinking of you.

I was standing in a locked room without windows,darkness surrounded me in my loneliness,silance beside my thundering heartbeat consumed me and emptyness absorbed me.

Then i remembred you,what you do for me,what you mean to me,what you make me feel,suddenlly i was not alone and i was not afraid,you had turned a light on inside me and all was well with the world....


A man escapes from prison after fifteen years and breaks into a house to look for money. He finds a young couple in bed and orders the guy out,ties him to a chair and gets on top of the girl,kisses her neck then goes into the bathroom. The husband tells the wife'listen,this guy is a convict probably spent lots of years in jail and has not seen a woman in years,i saw how he kissed you,if he wants sex dont complain do whatever he says or tells you satisfy him no matter what.This guy is dangerous and if he gets angry he will kill us be strong honey i love you..'The wife said'he wasnt kissing me,he was wispering in my ear,he told me he was gay thought you were cute and asked me if we had some petroleum jelly! I told him it was in the bathroom,be strong honey, i love you too!!'..

There is a U in BeaUtifUl,a u in helpfUl,a u in greatfUl,a U in coloUr to make my favourite colour BlUe,a u in fUnny to make my days a delight,what would the world be without U..

No precioUs without U,no wondrfUl without U,no GorgeoUs without U,i can't even get a hUg without U,what would the word be without U....

If I had a HRT I would add an EA to have a heart or a U to get i wrather add U to get hurt than add EA to have a heart withot U. What would the word be without U.....

In this life I need a heartbeat,to have a heartbeat i need a heart,to have a heart I need yoU and to have you I need U.What would the world be without U.... God In Heaven,
....God Above.
Plz. Protect The One
I Love You...
Sent With A Smile,
Sealed With A ki$s.
I Love The One, Who Is
Reading This Text.

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