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SMS Short Cuts

Next time if your Gf sends u " KISS " thro SMS dont be too happy ~ could be wat she meant was different ~see the meanin down:) This is the thing most needed now a days....

Likely to be a New language................!

SMS Short Cuts:

1dRfl - wonderful

2 - to/too/two

2dA - today

2moro - tomorrow

2nite - tonite

3dom - freedom

4 - for

4get - forget

4N - foreign

ADN - any day now

AFAIK - as far as I know

AFAIR - as far as I recall

ASAP - as soon as possible

ATM - at the moment

B - be

B4 - before

B4N - bye for now

BB - bye-bye

Bf -boyfriend

BG - big grin

BION - believe it or not

BK - big kiss

BTDT - been there, done that

BTW - by the way

By - busy

C - see/sea

CB - call back

CUL - see you later

CWYL - chat with you later

DUZ - does

DUZNT - doesn't

F2F - free to talk?

G2G - got to go

Gf - girlfried

Gr8 - great

Grr - angry

H2 - how to

HUH - have you heard?

IC - I see

ICCL - I couldn't care less

IK - I know

ILU (or ILY) - I love you

in4ml - informal

KISS - keep it simple, stupid

KUTGW - keep up the good work

@ "At"

MSG "Message"

W "With"

ATB "All the best"

NE "Any"

W/O "Without"

B "Be, Bee"

NETHNG "Anything"

WKND "Weekend"

BCNU "I'll be seeing you"

NE1 "Anyone"

XLNT "Excellent"

BWD "Backward"

NO1 "No-one"

XOXOX "Hugs and kisses"

B4 "Before"

OIC "Oh, I see"

YR "Your"

C "See, Sea"

PCM "Please call me"

1 "One, Won"

CU "See you"

PLS "Please"

2 "Too, To, Two"

DOIN "Doing"

PPL "People"

:) Original smiley

:-) Classic smiley

;-) Wink

:-)) Very happy

|-) Hee-hee

:-D Laugh loud

:-o Amazement

:^D" Great! I like it!

:-* Kiss

<3 I love you

:-s Confusion

{} No comment

:-C Totally unbelievable

%-) Confused

*:* Fuzzy face

:-@ Screaming

:-7 Wry remark

:-p Sticking out tongue

:-( Frown

:> Develish grin

(:-|K- Dressed to kill

:-|| Angry

::=)) Seeing double

:-> Hey

|:-0 No explanation

#:-) Hair in a mess

>;-(' I am spitting mad

#-) Partied all night

:-| Hmmm

:-& Tongue-tied L8 - late

L8r - later

LMK - let me know

M8 - mate

MOF - matter of fact

MT - empty

MTE - my thoughts exactly

NAGI - not a good idea

Ne - any

Ne1 - anyone

No1 - no one

nrg - energy

OIC - Oh I see

OK - okay

ONNA - oh no, not again!

OTT- over the top

PCM - please call me

Pls - please

Ppl - people

PTL - praise the Lord

R - are

Re - regarding

RUOK - are you okay?

Spk - speak

Sry - sorry

SWAK - sealed with a kiss

THX - thanks

TTYL - talk to you later

TXT - text

U - you

U@ - you at? (where are you?)

UOK - you okay?

UR - your/you're

Usu - usually

W8 - wait

W84M - wait for me

W/ - with

Wan2 - want to

wn - when

WMF - works for me

XLNT - excellent

Y - why

YM - you mean

YR - yeah, right

GONNA "Going to"

SUM1 "Someone"

3SUM "Threesome"

GR8 "Great"

STRA "Stray"

4 "For, Four"

H8 "Hate"

THNQ "Thank you"

:-) "I'm happy"

L8 "Late"

THX "Thanks"

:-o "I'm surprised"

L8R "Later"

U "You"

:-( "Sad face"

LUV "Love"

UR "You are "

d:) "Baseball cap "

MOB "Mobile"

WAN2 "Want to?"

;-/ "Confused"

2DAY "Today"

F2T "Free to talk"

RUOK "Are you okay?"

2MORO "Tomorrow"

FWD "Forward"

RGDS "Regards"

(:-... Heart-broken

%-) I'm tipsy but happy

#:-o Oh no!

:-# My lips are sealed

8-) Sender wears glasses

:+( I'm hurt by that

:*)? Are you drunk?

<:-0 Eeek!

:-e I'm disappointed

(-: Sender is left-handed

<:-) Dumb question

~o~ Bird

:@ Ouch!

:-(*) Sick comment

(:-) Bald

:// Frustrated

:3-< Dog

d:-) Hats off to your great idea

:-$ Put your money where your mouth is

:-{) Sender has moustache

|-| Going to sleep

:@) Pig

\o/ Praise the Lord

*<:o) Clown

:-{)} Sender has moustache & beard

:=8) Baboon

8^ Chicken

~#:-( Bad hair day

:'-( I am crying

:*) I' tipsy

:-o Oh

O:-) Innocent

&:-) Sender has curly hair

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