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Most Enjoyable With Sister In Law

Most Enjoyable With Sister In Law
AUTHOR: rinku01singh77

Hi friends, Rinku once again with a new story. This is my 43rd story on this site. Hope you all will enjoy it like my older stories. This incident happened just one month back. Once again I am very thankful and obliged by readers and fans for their overwhelming response for my stories.
My age is 32 years. My wife is beautiful and loving me very much. My marriage is 5 years old. Before one month my wife took me to her one sister. She is living in Dehradoon. They are rich family. After seeing my wife’s sister no one can say that she is married. She is just 2 years elder than my wife.
If I won’t remember it that she is her sister then I certainly say to my wife “Darling your sister is not good. She had no kids till date.” They are using some family planning. His husband is Managing Director in one Govt. Company. He is senior that her sister in age but he is quite handsome and healthy person.
We went there after taking good time spare. We had to live there for 15 days. Her sister became very happy after seeing us. She had given special care to me. For we couple she gave us first floor bedroom.
That day I awoke in the morning. That time my wife was in deep sleep. I kept her awoke till late night. Sun was not rise till that time but light was spreading all rounds. For feel the fresh cold air I moved the certain of window one side. When I saw down by keeping my head down I was stunned. Sister of my wife was walking in lawn only wearing a black bikini.
On her white body bikini was looking like on full moon night moon is appearing from dark clouds and making moon more attractive. She bound her hairs back in hair band. So her shining forehead was looking very nice. Outside bikini her smooth thighs were visible up to half viewable ass. Because of running her tossing boobs, creamy arms and golden side were making her more attractive.
After seeing this scene my veins blood was starting hot. Suddenly she stopped near our window and she was doing head angle while jumping. Because I was on upside so her boobs were visible very deep. Her figure was nearly 36, 30 and 36.
At that time she moved her eyes up and caught me standing on window. I want to leave the window but she gave me a pleasant smile. So I stopped. Then I also smiled. I surprised when she called me down by her hand movement.
My heart started beating fast. I took a glance on my wife. She was still sleeping very deep. So I come down. She said “What area you find suitable you start jogging there. You also do jogging it is good for health.”
I said “you are saying right.”
Then she started running and said “then come on and join me.”
I also started jogging with her. She was not hesitating with me. While jogging I was seeing her fragrant body closely. “Where is brother?” (In north India we use to call brother to our sister in law’s husband) I asked her while keeping my eyes on her thighs.
“He had gone to Mumbai for company’s work. I think he will return in 4 – 5 days.” She answered in normal tone. I don’t know why I felt comfortable with happiness.
“Your figure is very sexy. Big sister.” After long time these words were running in my mind then come out from my mouth.
Opposite to my thinking she stopped so I also stopped. I think had she felt it bad so I frightened. But she smiled and while seeing my eyes she replied, “Your words are attractive but presentation is wrong.”
“Means” I surprised.
If some girl of your age say you uncle your personality I liked then what you feel?
“Oh” I understood her meaning she was younger than my age so saying big sister feels her bad. I also don’t feel good in saying her big sister. But because of wife’s relations I have to call her big sister. Same thing I said in words, “I also don’t like you to call big sister but what I call you?”
In reply she smiled in style and came near to me and pressed her hands on my chest and said, “By the way my name is Kaweri, but persons who like me the call me Kavi.”
“And whom you like then what you liked to be called Kaweri or Kavi?”
While playing with my buttons and seeing in my eyes she replied, “Kavi.”
“If I say you Kavi?”
“No problem, I will like it.” After saying this she again started running. My heart was beating in abnormal speed. Big sister means Kavi have hinted me her heart’s language in sign language. That time I was feeling myself as emperor. Kavi was so beautiful anyone will feel like emperor after getting her contact.
With strange feeling in heart I returned to my bedroom. After leaving the bed early my wife asked me, “Where have you gone so early in the morning?”
I replied, “Jogging” instantly.
“Jogging” My wife eyes widened in surprise.
“What I mean that I awoke early in the morning so thought for practice of jogging. But because of failure I returned back.” I made a new statement very quick.
After hearing my words my wife laughed and entered in bathroom.
Then two days passed. I call her big sister in front of my wife and in lonely time Kavi. Between these days behavior of Kavi was drastically changed towards me. She was trying to come very close to me. She was looking tensed and all time in thinking mode as she was dying to get my love. I was also dying to get her love but because of presence of my wife I can do only hugging and kissing her in lonely hiding place. And at last Kavi have made things possible for our meeting.
Only two days were left for his hubby’s arrival. If he came then it was impossible for us to meet. She mixed some sleeping pills in my wife’s coffee and gave her to drink. With this result she went to deep sleep within some time. So I reached in Kavi’s bedroom.
I found her waiting for me. I hugged her tightly and kissed many times on face and red lips. In reply exchanges of kisses were done in very bold manner.
She was in transparent white night gown that time, from which her entire body was viewable. My blood was icing near my ear lopes. I opened her night gown instantly as we open the upper part of banana and thrown it on the floor. Milky cut of her body in bra and panty was looking awesome. In beginning I hold her boobs on bra and pressed very tightly in excitement.
“Uffff…….. Siiiiiiii. What you are doing?” This sentence was came from Kavi’s mouth “These are soft toys, play with it gently.”
I laughed and after leaving her boobs I moved my hand back and inserted in panty and hold her ass by my hand. In between Kavi hold my dick from upper part of pant and pressed tightly. Ahhh….” After screaming I kept out my hand from her panty. Then smiling Kavi leave my dick and said, “What happened when I show tightness of your dick then you screamed and your mouth was created “Ahhhhhhhh….” Sound and you are showing tightness on my soft organs.”
I also started laughing after hearing her words.
After that Kavi opened all my cloths and made me nude. And I was kissing all parts of her body. And she also holds my dick and giving front and rear movement, and saying along “Wow very healthy dick you are having.”
I opened her bra and kept her one boob in my mouth and started licking it and my one hand was messaging her thighs and now reached the pussy area. Then panty also left her body with my hands. Quite clean, smooth embossed pussy she was having like double bread. Cut of every organ was such that saint people can’t hold their emotions after seeing her. I think this was the result of her regular exercise.
I made her sit on the bed and opened her thighs and kissed on pussy. And then I move my tongue on her cracks. She whispered and pressed my head by her thighs. I inserted my nose in her pussy hole which was looking red as burning coal. From her burning pussy very sweet fragrance was coming out, which was making me mad.
Suddenly she stands me up. Her face was red because of hotness and horny ness. After standing me up she said, “Now I will eat your dick.”
“Eat it” I replied her laughing face then she really sat down on floor on her knees and opened her mouth, inserted my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. My wife never kept my dick in her mouth like this because she hates it keeping in mouth. So that today when Kavi was giving me blowjob then my body was shivering because of strange excitement.
She was holding my ass from back and moving her mouth front and back and was doing mouth fuck. My dick was coming in & out which was in between her red lotus like lips. Kavi was seeing me in smiling face. Then suddenly she increased her speed so I think I can reach orgasm in her mouth. I hold her head and trying to keep my dick out from her mouth and said, “Leave me otherwise I will release cum inside your mouth.”
But after listening my words she wouldn’t stop and moved her head in negative style then I understood today she was in mood of getting cum in her mouth. I was enjoying her blowjob nicely. She held my ass very tightly and started fast movement so I can’t keep my dick out from her mouth even of my willing to keep out.
After reaching the climax I fell down on her body. When I released my liquid in her mouth she left my dick and now she was licking and cleaning my dick as she want. After licking cleanly all my liquid she said, “I am happy darling, very tasty liquid is yours.”
But now I became useless. After releasing orgasm my dick size decreased from 7 inch to 3 inches. I saw her and complained her “This is not good thing. You betrayed me.”
“No darling what type of betrayal? I am making your dick once again hot and hard.” After saying this she started playing with my dick with his hand and trying to make it hard, but where it was going to be hard. But Kavi was smart player.
She kept me lie on the floor and sit on my thigh and hold my dick, rubbed it on her burning pussy. I was also pressing her boobs. Her boobs were attractive and tight. My dick was making hard little.
At that time Kavi hold my dick and kept it on pussy gate and inserted it in with the help of her thumb. After getting hotness of inner walls of pussy my dick was become hot and hard and now it was raising head inside her pussy.
Kavi had not keep it out although sit on it nicely. As my dick was hardening it was spreading the walls of her pussy. Once time came Kavi have to keep her body up with the help of her knees. Because now my dick was harder and longer than before so it reached half at the inside of her pussy and spreading it hold and became tight. It was making its size longer still.
After seeing it she whispered and stood up and dick came out with “Satak” sound. “Oh my God its size is still increasing” she said in surprise.
“Sit on it Kavi.” I told her to sit again on my dick. But she was ...

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