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Practice Of Superstitions

All over the world people follow superstitions. Some people believe that if a black cat crosses their path it is bad luck and that their day would turn out to be bad. Firstof all what is a superstition? It’s something that people believe in when they don’t really have to. It is when one event leads to another without any understandable reason.

Take Vaastu for example. It is a systemwhich promises a good life for you depending on how the furniture in your house is arranged. Okay people, what is upwith that? First of all who came up with the system? Was it some sort of a fantasy that he conjured up in order to blind millions of people out there who would have the propensity to believe in this sort of a thing? Sadly it most probably it because it is also one of the most superstitious beliefs followed by people not just in India but all over the world. I fail to understand how it evenmakes sense. Your sense of well-being depends on you and what you do. Not on which direction your dinner table is facing.

Another superstition widely believed in India is that cutting nails, hair, shaving etc after sun set is a bad practice. Obviously when this was first invented in ancient Indiathey had no electricity so they did have to depend on sunlight for everything. Doing the above things without light would be dangerous indeed so our forefather were right about this. But what is mind-boggling isthat people still follow this. If not in urban areas then at least in rural areas people still follow it. Why is that? It is one of those questions that will probably go unanswered.

Some superstitions might have a certain scientific basis to them but in general why do people believe in them. Maybe it is some sort of a defense mechanism in our brainsto guard us from some sort of an imaginary threat. It is also true it gives people a sense of satisfaction. Just believing in a religion keeps the peace of mind in people superstitions perform asimilar function so maybe they are not so bad after all.

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