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The myth of Polytheism

<= Hindus appear to worsip many gods and its alleged that hindus practice polytheism unlike the true faith Islam,which still sticks to the basic postulate of oneness of God,(as mr naik says) its violation of the vedic directives ! =>

Notable islamic scholars like mr.Jakir Naik argue that, Though The veda Believes in the one ness of god,the hinduism has adopted Polytheism or worshiping many gods, thats why, Hinduism at its present way of worship has become a polytheistic Religion, and so its non-vedic !
This har created a distorted vision on the Vedas and the Vedic civilisation,Some times this is becase of lack of proper knowledge but most of the time, its the outcome of the sinister campaign to defame Hindu beliefs which has its root in the Vedas !
The Vedas give ample evidence of praying Indra(the king of Gods), Agni(the God of energy and truth ),Varuna(the rain), Maruta(the space ), Rudra and many gods ! and On the other hand, it believes in the oneness of God ! It appears as if in, contradictions but the wise knows that its the Most refined form of mono theism !
This is the uniqueness of Vedic philosophy that, while praying and being submissive one has the liberty to choose, but still he remains a monotheist ! Many modern scholars have noted this significance and found no contradictions ! But still today, people like Jakir naik who is alleged of plagarism and lieing, use to say that, the hindus, while worshiping 33crore Gods are infact violating The basic postulate of Monotheism ! How absurd ?
Some great thinkers term this salient practice as Polytheistic Monotheism and Proff.Maxmueler, Who Has studied vedas comprehensivly and translated it into German, names this unique feature of loking 'one in many' as KENO THEISM ! And many indian scholars have termed it as TATVA PRADHAN EKA_DEVA_VAD Or say, the monotheism on logic and nature !
So in nut shell, this uniqueness of Hinduism takes it beyond the boundary or the limitation of monotheism or polytheism ! ...
Aap key ley maie Kal yeh video you tub maie khoja hai jara dekh lela molana jarjir ka hai aur is key bary maie kay khayal hai aap ka?
16.04.2011 00:05 EDT,
Ek kam bramha? na dusra hai na tiesra na chatur hai! Aye logo Ek iswar ki upasna karo!
15.04.2011 14:12 EDT,
Then read this iske baad ap khud soachie.
18.03.2011 11:09 EDT,
Pls read this
18.03.2011 11:06 EDT,
Frnd y r u teach d people dat there is two religion.Dnt make difference between two religion.
14.03.2011 22:36 EDT,
Dr jakir Naik is a student of comparative religion.
14.03.2011 22:33 EDT,

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