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sacred cow

Myth of eating beefs (1)

<= Beef eating in the Vedic society =>

Before a few years, A very famous Marxist female historian was being interviewed on indian television ! She had the (superficial?) views that in the period of vedas, people were eating Beefs ! There was the arrangements so,the interviewer showed her all the vedas and asked the socalled historian to show just one single hymn where any one of the vedas have recomended beef eating ! That historian didnot dare an attempt !
In the whole vedas there is no Shukta where it has recomended eating Beefs ! In fact Vedic literature puts a ban on nonveg foods saying, KALEJAM NA BHAKSHYET So, it advices to be vegeterian and to be kind to animals and plants as well ! lets take a glance ;
1) RIG & SAM VED directs the COW as AHANYA (not to be tortured or killed) & ADITI ! refer to
10_87_16 it says to severely punish the killer

ATHARV VEDA suggest to behead the killer ref. 8_3_16

So, in short, Authentic literatures like Veda Is firm on the protection and preservation of the animals, and especially the COWS !
According to latest research on, the Post Vedic Civilisation like MAHENJODARO AND HARAPPA Now in PAKISTAN, Shows no evidence of COW Being killed or Beef being served in feast ! But yes some pro_Marxist Historians have a differen view and many eminent historians and latest research with modern technology rejects the theory of these marxist historians ! (In future i would try to give details about the research) ! source = an article by Dr Sworajya Prakash Gupta and dr Sandhya jain !

Where was the myth of aryans were Beef eaters originated from ? As per Sandhya jain's article, the beef eating issue was raised by the marxist historians and they didnot produce any authentic source as evidence, only what they did is, they had choosen various other author's comments on vedas and some Brahmn Granths, written much later in the post vedic period !
Being vegetarian is too good. :)
19.07.2012 01:56 EDT,
Surf1(tm), Seems you have not gone to the page ! it was not about,what you or me speculates or whether Beef is good 4 health but it was about what the practice was in the VEDIC period ! secondly, i can not say about yours but my ancestral belief in the past and the practice as on today prohibits this ! i would request you not just to think on this but show the authentic source !
27.03.2011 20:35 EDT,

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