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myth of islamic contribution

Muslims proudly claim that Islam gave a lot to the world in learning and science, but it’s a lie. Islam or
the Quran, or the Arabs for than matter had nothing to do with achievements of the Muslim world. Moreover, achievements of the ancient
Greeks, Persians and Indians were passed as Islamic..

Allah has permitted Muslims to tell lies — the Islamic “taqiyya” or holy deception — for the benefit or glorification of Islam. President Barack
Obama, allegedly an ex-Muslim, engaged in such deception when he told a gathering at the Cairo University on June 5, 2009:

“As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam. It was Islam at places like Al-Azhar
that carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe’s renaissance
and enlightenment. It was innovation in Muslim communities…

It should also be mentioned that the Islamic civilization, which Obama is so proud of, did not evolve from the Koran; the authors of that civilization were not Arabs. The authors of the so-
called Islamic science, literature, astronomy,mathematics, architecture etc. were the kafirs,pagans and idolaters of India, Greece and China.
Ancient India was a great center of knowledge for higher Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics,Astrology, philosophy, medicine and surgery etc.
Seekers of knowledge from China, South East Asia,Central Asia, Iran and Middle East used to come tothe centers of learning in India.

On the contrary, the Arabs did not have any scientific heritage and hence most of the torch-bearers of Arabic science were not ethnic Arabs. Abū al Wafā Būzjānī, al Farghānī, al Fazārī, al-
Khwārizmī were Persians, al Bīrūnī was an Uzbek, Al Farabi was most probably an Afghan, Al Kindi, Hunayn ibn Ishaq were from Iraq, al Battānī was a Muslim astronomer, astrologer and mathematician from Harran near Urfa (Turkey).

Only a few like al Farahidi and Ibn Ishaq etc. were ethnically Arabs.
Advancement in science, arts, literature or any...
wat abt jainism community ?? dnt 4gt jain granth, jab v baat ho science, geograbhy, maths, brahmaand etc,, sab kuch clear mil jayega yaha, n kahi jyada sochnaye :)
28.02.2012 05:41 EST,
Its really amazing to read...nice post...d thing all we have learnt so far is...muslims or d arabs were involved in looting and arson...whereas involvement of Indians in such act is bare minimal.
16.12.2011 19:12 EST,
Dunia ko science dene ki baat to chodiye,Arabs ne yahan ki science ko burbaad karne mei koi kasar nahi rukhi.Our most famous university of the world that time,Nalanda.they destroy them.wahan par hazaro students us samay research karte the.Dunia ki sabse badi Library at that time.University ko girane ka kya matlab?India ki knowledge dekhi nahi gai..!.Par dekiye humne apna Gyan nust nahi hone we produce most no of researchers and scientist in the world.......!
02.12.2011 20:45 EST,
Such hamesha kadwa hota hai ye apne rakha huwa such shayad kuch logo ko raas na aye par mai apke is suchai se prabhavit hu
02.06.2011 22:52 EDT,
Ansari bhai ji, ye entry ap k liye nei thi ! This was meant for som1 , yes a person who was teaching me that islam has given manythings to the world of science n technology ! While doing this he undermined indias contribution !
21.05.2011 08:31 EDT,
its more informative for us ................... its a true.....
25.03.2011 04:00 EDT,
Mr sickular, do not worry about me ! just think about what you are here ! to copy paste lies to hurt other good users and do you think no1else has emotions as well ? and DONT BEHAVE AS A ROGUE ! OK ?
25.03.2011 02:34 EDT,
U r going mad becz i hope now u dnt work any other thing of ur home except dis.
25.03.2011 01:47 EDT,
Such hamesha jhut se shaf hoti hai.jhut ki nature hi aisi hoti hai ki wo jab such ke samne jane sae vanish ho jati hai.apke likhne se koi fark nai padta.ok
25.03.2011 01:44 EDT,

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