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Whisky or Whiskey is a type of Distilled Alcoholic Beverage made from Fermented Grain Mash. Various Grains (which may be Malted) are used for different Varieties, including Barley, Corn (Maize), Rye, and Wheat. Whisky is typically Aged in Wooden Casks, generally made of Charred White Oak.
The word Whisky or Whiskey is an Anglicisation of the Classical Gaelic word Uisce/Uisge meaning "Water". Now written as Uisce in Irish Gaelic, and Uisge in Scottish Gaelic.
Whiskies do not Mature in the Bottle, only in the Cask, so the "Age" of a Whisky is only the Time between Distillation and Bottling. This Reflects how much the Cask has Interacted with the Whisky, changing its Chemical Makeup and Taste. Whiskies that have been Bottled for many Years may have a Rarity Value, but are not "Older" and not Necessarily Better than a more recent Whisky that Matured in Wood for a similar time. After a Decade or Two, Additional Aging in a Barrel does not necessarily Improve a Whisky.

Most Whiskies are Sold at or near an Alcoholic Strength of 40% Alcohol by Volume which is the Statutory Minimum in some Countries – although the Strength can Vary, and Cask Strength Whisky may have as much as Twice that Alcohol Percentage.

Whiskey or Whisky like products are produced in most Grain Growing Areas. They differ in base product, Alcoholic content, and Quality.

* Malt Whisky is made Primarily from Malted Barley.
* Grain Whisky is made from any type of Grains.

Malts and Grains are combined in various Ways:-

* Single Malt Whisky is Whisky from a Single Distillery made from a Mash that uses only one particular Malted Grain. Unless the Whisky is described as Single-Cask, it contains Whisky from many Casks, and different Years, so the Blender can achieve a Taste recognisable as typical of the Distillery. In most cases, Single Malts Bear the name of the Distillery, with an Age statement and perhaps some Indication of some Special Treatments...

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