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How To Operate A Sony Ericsson Phone

All of Them

1. Insert smart chip and
battery. These two items are the vital organs of the
cell phone. The battery, of course, is the life of your
phone and the smart chip
is the memory of your phone's subscription. To insert the smart chip and battery into the phone, simply remove the back of the phone and slide both
into their marked places.

2. Charge the battery. Before
using your phone for the first time, you must charge the battery to its fullest capacity. This will take at least 3 hours to do. The Walkman's plug-in is
located on the right side of
the phone. In order to remove the plug after charging, slightly tilt the phone end of the cord
upward and gently pull it

3. Use the power button. The
power button is slightly hidden from first glance at the top of the phone. You will find
the tiny black power button located at the top left corner of the phone's frame.

4. Make a call. The "Send" and "End" buttons on the Walkman and Tmobile are clearly marked. When dialing a number, simply locate numbers on the keypad and press "Send." In the event that you misdial a number, simply press the "Back" key located under
the send button to erase the incorrect number, one
number at a time. The call
can either be ended by
pressing "End".

5. Access the menu. When
navigating in the menu option, use the "Navigation" keys that are located in a cicular pattern
on the front of the phone.

6. Access the address book.
To locate phone numbers
located in the address book, simply go to "Menu," then "Address book." Numbers will
appear in alphabetical order on the screen. To insert or delete a contact in the address book, simply press the "Selection" key
located on the right side in
order to select "More." From there, navigate to "Options" to enable you to make the correct slection.

7. Acess voice mail. Your voice mailbox can be accessed in two ways. The first is to press and hold the number "1" on the
keypad. The phone will dail the voice mail. The second option is located in the menu. Go to "Menu," then navigate to "Messages," then scroll down to the "Voice mail" selection.

8. Access camera and video.
Slide the cell phone into the open position, access the menu, then navigate to the "Camera" option. To start the video, press the center circle, located in the middle of the navigational keys. To take a picture, press the "Back" button" to exit.. Or just check the side for a camera button then press it.

9. Access the music. The Walkman offers a FM radio
and a MP3 player. To use either feature, connect the
hands-free device to the phone. To access music stored on your phone, go to the "Menu" option, then select "Walkman or Music Player icon." Use the right button to
navigate to "More," then scroll down to "My music."

To access the FM radio, simply go to the "Menu," select "Entertainment," then scroll down to the "FM radio" selection.

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