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Oppie Koffie Wisdom


Christ-Jesus by His church, is looking for a wife, which means: another part of Him. He is the head and He is looking for the rest of His body. Israel is His people while the church is His own body, that is why God invested more in the church than in any other people that ever existed before. God did everything for His people in the past, but when it came to the church He gave what He had never given before and that which He had been holding all that time because it was so precious to Him; He gave His own life: Eph. 5:25

Why did Jesus invest so much in the church in giving so much for it? Because He wants His church to be like Him. LIKE HIM IN WHAT? LIKE HIM:

IN HOLINESS: Eph 5:3-21
The will of the Lord is to see His church living a holy life. Jesus is not expecting His church to live in sin and do anything we would like to do, but He expects His church to be holy like He is Himself holy. Eph. 2: 21-22, Eph. 1:4 Jesus will not be one body with a dirty and sinful church, because there is no relation between purity and impurity, light and darkness. Jesus is preparing His church for holiness because only a holy church will be a Bride to Him. Eph. 5:27.

IN WISDOM: Eph 3:10-11
Jesus is expecting the church to move in His divine wisdom, because, as the Bible says, the saints shall judge the nations. That is why Paul was upset when he heard that Christians were taking each other to court to get judged by the unbelievers. He said the church is supposed to have the wisest people in the world who will judge even angels, but unfortunately they could not judge even the earthly matters. The world is supposed to seek wisdom in the church and not the church going to the world for wisdom.

IN GLORY: Eph 3:21
The church is supposed to be the most glorious place of all, because that is where the Lord of Glory is supposed to be found. Just as in the tabernacle of Moses and the temple of Solomon where the glory of the Lord was permanent and people could see it. It was like the smoke in the house of God and that made people to fear the Lord in His presence, but Gods' glory in the church is supposed to be even more than that.

IN FULLNESS: Eph. 1:20-23
The church is supposed to be a place like no other place in the world, because this is the only place the fullness of God is supposed to be found. This is the place where God has decided to dwell in His fullness and is expecting the church to live in fullness like Him. There is no other group, organisation or institution here on the earth which are superior to the church. The church is supposed to be superior to all and equal to none.

IN VICTORY: Matt. 16:18-19
Jesus gave victory to the church because He Himself is the victory. He overcame the devil and the world and guaranteed that victory to the church, but the tragedy is that most of us seem to do not enjoy that victory.
The church is not supposed to be defeated rather it is the devil who is defeated. Jesus does not have a defeated kingdom, but the devil does. What is killing the church is lack of the true and right knowledge. When the church think that we have to fight to get the victory, that is when the church is defeated, but if the church can only know that the victory is already there for us; Rom 8:37, we do not fight to have it, but we fight if the devil or any other thing want to deny us of it. Jesus is not defeated how can He have a defeated body. The church is a place where people come and start to live in victory.

The Bible says in Acts 3:19-21 that before Christ comes back there must be first times of restoration of everything spoken by God through the prophets. The Lord is busy these days restoring all these things mentioned above. If we say restore it means it was there before, but now it is not or not as it is supposed to be. Today when it comes to talk about holiness, people say that it is self righteousness, God is gracious we live and are saved by His grace. It is true because Paul also wrote that it is by grace not by works, but what Paul meant is not what we think it is. Because Paul who is first to teach that it is by grace not by works, is also first to condemn sin in the church even asking the church not to tolerate in their midst people who live in sin, but to do not have them in the church not even having any relation with such people, and today when we judge people who are not living right in the church people say do not judge while Paul said we have to judge those in the church but God Himself will judge those in the world.

The grace of God does not exclude holiness but rather it compels us to a holy life. (1 Cor. 5:1-13) Let us be careful with the way we read and understand the letters written by Paul, because even the apostle Peter spoke the same thing of the people who did not understand Paul well when he spoke of the grace and patience of God and took it as a chance to live in sin (2Peter 3:10-18)
The Lord is raising these days the Josiah Generation the generation of people who won't care of what the churches will tell them, but will hear the call of the Lord right in their spirit for holiness and righteousness. The Lord will open their understanding to know the truth and they will decide to walk according to the call of the spirit into their spirit for holiness and righteousness and these are the Joshua's that the Lord will use to restore holiness and righteousness in His body.


Acknowledgement: Edward Mkwana

Prodigits username: edwardmw

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