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~ Santorini history 1 ~

~ by katherine & anastasios ~

Information about the history of Santorini Greece .
Santorini Greece has a great number of archaeological sites which have proved that the first human presence on the island dates back to the neolithic period . Santorini has had the same historical and cultural evolution as the other islands of the Cyclades .
Am important civilization to 3600 B.C. seems to have existed near Acrotiri , at the south of the island , next to the famous red beach . It was proved that Acrotiri was a Minoan city , highly similar to those found in Crete . The houses were plenty of frescoes and pottery showing naturalistic landscapes or animals or humans .
During ancient times , around 1500 B.C. , Santorini island , then called Strongili , which means rounded in Greek , was the victim of an enormous volcano eruption . The remains of this eruption are the today Thera , Therasia and Aspronisi .
Some scientific believe that the explosions created huge waves that washed away part of the surrounding islands until the shores of Crete . The consequences of that explosion were the sinking of a part of the island , while the earthquakes destroyed the rest of it . Many people suppose that the sinking of the island is related to the well-known myth of the lost Atlantis .
Around 1300 B.C. , Phoenicians settled on the island and remained there during 5 generation . Around 1115 B.C. , the island got colonised by the Lacedaemonians . Around 825 B.C. , the Phoenicians alphabet was imported on the island , them named Thera , about in the same time as in Milos and Crete , and the Hellenic language was created . In the 7th and 6th centuries B.C. , Thera conducted trades with most of the other islands of Greece , with Corinth and also Attica . In 300-145 B.C. , during the Hellenistic period , Thera became a strategically important naval base due to its position in the Cyclades .
From 197 B.C. to 726 A.C. , the volcano exploded 4 times . Between 1200 A.C. and 1579 A.C. , the islands came under Byzantine...

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