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Re: [Naturist-Christians-org] Re: Nude resorts....

"D. Michael "Marty" Martindale" <>

Nathan Powers wrote:

> If you are a Christian, and you truly believe that what Jesus spoke is
> the absolute truth when he said "I and the way the truth and the life.
> NO ONE come to the Father excepth through me.", then it is neither rude
> nor condemning, but simply the truth. If one truly believes that, then
> they will want to tell EVERYONE they care about, lest they be lost in
> Hell forever.

There's a difference between what Jesus taught and how it gets
interpreted by various humans. There's a difference between what Jesus
taught and what Peter and Paul and other humans taught and how yet other
humans interpret THEM.

And there's a huge difference between stating your beliefs as, "This is
the way it is!" and "This is how I see it."

Considering the enormous variations of how Christianity has been defined
and interpreted throughout the centuries--all of them resorting to the
Bible for their authority--I think it's the height of arrogance to
proclaim that your interpretation of Christianity is the official
God-sanctioned one. Look at how many people have died throughout history
because of this arrogance!

I've seen this pattern over and over again. Jesus spoke of love more
than any other principle of the gospel. He called it the greatest
commandment. Yet whenever I try to preach love and tolerance over the
never-ending battle to prove who is right and who is not, everyone
fights to defend their right to tell everyone else they're wrong as if
Jesus had said THAT were the "greatest commandment of them all."

D. Michael "Marty" Martindale

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