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Ummm... I g0t al0ta e mails b0ut j0rdz 2day n i pikd tw0 2 share wif u mense~> u g0t anyfin m0re u wun me 2 add here u m0s knw hw 2 reach me...
Diz da first e mail i g0t~> lady p0sh aka j0rdz met shane aka sc0field! Day fukd n nw j0rdz iz fukin chris r0und wif shane da p0es! I fink u shud put j0rdan 0n ur site as da mntn wh0re! C0z datz wat she iz<~
Mmmm s0 iz diz da truth 0r d0 u mense expect 2 make j0rdz's name kak by makn up st0riz? J0rdz iz a k4k pretti gal y wil she g0 afta shane[da m0untain dwalf]? Makz n0 sense :-? Y u mense mak up k4k st0riz?
E mail numba 2~> *breaking news* jordan aka lady posh has deleted mxit! She said mxit is her downfall and wat wat? But is that the truth or is it all lies? I say its a lie and i can prove it! Things went horribly wrong with jordan she and fabulous cwar used to fite everyday and that broke roxs fake heart,things didnt end there!then jordan and sniper aka alex became real good friends until he met melany aka lady pink! Melany got jealous of jordan telling alex kak behind her back! all became 2 much 4 jordan! She was a pisgat and deleted mxit wakakakaka kmj! And as for chrispy her bf, if they met in real life why did she delete him and mxit wakakaka kmj again! Oh and i have to say that oswin aka lord stun saw jordans pics and he said hes going to jol her wakakaka jordans last few days on mxit was kak,roxs true colours began 2show cos she was jealous of jordans good looks! Well at least we got rid of one whore on mxit!<~
0ka i dnt c da p0int 0f actualy ch0sin diz email c0z diz is vrek 0ld alredy almal wiet r0x raak naar wen mense start smaakin 0da kinis m0re dan her c d0ne diz fuken many timez be4. C recruitz galz dat r unkn0wn den if da kin bec0mez p0pular n luvd by almal den she sk0pz da kin 0uta ha clan n dltz ha. Den c speakz k4k b0ut da kin n telz ha sista nt 2 tawk 2 da kin. C did diz 2 ouenz als0 eg: j0sh. Den al 0f a sudden da kinz a h0 kmj r0xanne iz k4k predictable almal wiet dit
Pink jy h0efi te w0ri nie want niemand smaak j0u jys net n mense wie try 0m s0es r0x te wies n caelyn jy is s0e veer 0p r0xs gat n mense kan sien die k4k r0nd j0u nek s0e m0eni w0ry sy sal j0u h0u

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