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solar system - Animals/Nature


Belive it or not.. Buh its a truth

1] Rockets (missile) r most dominant weapon in todays war. Do you know dah 1st human to use rockets as a weapon in a war was an INDIAN. ''TIPU SULTAN''. D king of 'MHAISOOR' empera who usd dis weapon against British force.
2] Most nearest star from earth other dan sun is 'PROXIMA CENTURAI' whch is 4.5 lytyear or in othr words 39,900,000,000,000 KM aways from earth. :-D
3] Consider dat u r watchin a star whch is 100 lightyear away 4rm u. For dis moment d star u r watchin is actuly how it was lukin b4 100 years ago. Its not possibl 4 any1 to c anythin in runnin moment. Even wen u luk at sun, actuly u r watchn sun how it was lukin 8 min ago ( coz lyt ray 4rm sun take 8 min to reach 2 d earth) :-D
4] Now from previous statement u cn say dat.. Everytym wen u c anythn (even ur mom), 4 dat moment u r actuly lukin in past. None of us cn c d exact present moment ;">
5] N from previous two statement, i can say dat, if we can travel wid speed equal to light (3lakh KM/S), den actuly v cn travel in future ( yup jsz lyk tym machine dat u hd watchd in many of sci-fi movies )
6] Whole Universe contain 98% hydrogen nd helium n remainin 2% is ol other matter lyk rocks, ice, sillicate n other gasses
7] Saturn's surface density is so low dat if u wil try to sink it in any of ocean on earth... Saturn wil actuly float on surface of water lyk plastic ball.

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