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planetg x - Animals/Nature

°°° PLANETS °°°

Wat is planets? Come lets know more about dem.

Planets cn b dfine as, celestical body orbiting a star dat is massive enuf 2 b rounded by its own gravity & is not massive enuf to cause thermonuclear fusion & hs cleard its neighbourin region.

In 2006 IAU (International Astronomical Union) hs put 3 conditions 2 identify a planet
1] It shld orbit around star only
2] It shld b massive enuf 2 hv its own gravity
3] It shld'nt b dat massive 2 cause its own thermonuclear fusion ( proces dat give birth to star)
4] It shld hv cleard its neighbourin region.
We cn classify planets on d basis of content dey posses.

1] Gas Giants :- A gas giants (Jovian planet) is a large planet dat is nt primarily composd of rock or othr solid mattr bt dey composd of hydrogen, helium, water, ammonia, n methane. Dey cn b dscrib as lackin of solid surface or in other wrds, 'dey lack definite surface.'
JUPITER, SATURN, URANUS, NEPTUNE r 4 gas giants in our solar system.

2] Terrestial planets :- A Terrestial planet is planet dat is primarily composed of sillicate rocks. ( Earth lyk planets)
Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars r terrestial planet in our solar system.

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