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big bang imaginary a

B!G Bang Theory

We(human) are living on a planet named EARTH. Our planet is a member of the SOLAR SYSTEM, which a minute part of our GALEXY (Milkyway). Millions such galexies combingly forms the UNIVERSE.
Well.. BIG BANG THEORY is an ans. to above questions.
Big Bang Theory refers to the idea that, The universe has expanded from a primordial hot & dense point at some finite time in past & expanding to this moment.

According to Big Bang Theory Universe has started about "13.7 Billion" Years ago with a giant explosion at very hot and dense point
In the earliest phase of Big Bang, the universe fillied homogeneously & isotropicaly with an incredibly high energy & density and was rapidly expanding & cooling. Approximately after 10^-37 seconds after an explosion a phase transition caused a "COSMIC INFLATION" during which universe grew exponentialy.
After inflanation stoped, the universe constisted of all 'ELEMENTRY PARTICLES' ( Matter_Anti- matter). The high temp. at this stage were causing continuous creation and destruction of particles and anti-particles due to collision.
The universe continued to grow in size and fall in temp.
After about 10^-6 seconds of explosion, Quark & Gluons ( subatomic particles) combined to form proton, nuetrons & electrons.

Few min. later, when temp. Was about 1 billion kelvin & density was about that of air, neutrons combined with proton to form a HELIUM (He) nuclei. Most proton remained uncombined as HYDROGEN (H2) nuclei.
After about 379,000 years, the electrons & nuclei combined into an atom.

For long period of time, the slightly denser region gravitationaly attracted nearby matter and thus grew even denser forming Gas clouds, Stars, Galexies & other astronomical structure.

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