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2012 Facts & Fouls

Know The Truth Of The End

So have u guys watched The movie 2012.? Did u like it..? How Many of u thinks that World is going to End on 2012.?

Is it realy going to be our last day on earth?? Lets get behind the truth of 21-12-12.

This whole fuss got started with a world famous Calender of MAYA.. MAYA was a great culture who lived on earth somewhat 6000 yrs ago. They made a huge calender of 5000 yrs. In that calender they made some predictions too about the futue. Ok now twist is.. This calender Ends on 21-12-12. There are no furture dates. They left this calender blank after 21-12-12. So many Maya experts said that., they left this calender blank b'coz there aint any next day. (that is there would be no 22-12-12). The earth will be destroyed till midnight of 21st.

So is it the truth..? HAHA.. No I dont think so... B'coz

1] Death is the only ultimate Law of nature. Everythings & so is earth have expiry Date. :D But the que. Is when..? & how..? The ans is.. Approximately after 4.5 Billion yrs.. (in hindi 4.5 karod sal baad). & our Sun wil the only reason for dat destruction.

2] Nothings Happen suddenly in nature. It means the whole life cant get destroyed in few hours, months or years. It take hundreds of years. But yeah unless some factors forced something unexpected.

3] There are no strong evidences to prove that MAYA calender is right.

4] 21-12-12 Is just an predicution made by MAYANIANS. They made 100's of such predictions which ultimately proved to be a big foul.

I put 4 reasons to say that nothing is going to happen on 21-12-12.

But its a half hearted statement actuly. There are some factors in nature which can cause a sudden destruction. Like Erthquakes & The Planet-X. Most dangerous thing about such factors is we cant predict them till the last min.

Erthquakes are well known to everyone. In erthquakes The sudden movements of earth's inner crust results into a destructive WAVE. We all know how destrubtive it could be.! (Indonasia 06, Pakistan07, Gujarat India 02, Maharashtra, India92)

Planet X or simply astroid is the other factor. Astroid simply can be define as the rocks which orbit around the sun along with planets. Daily more than 1000 astroids collides with upper strata of earth & get evaporated due to friction (as usualy they are as small as tennis ball). But some astroid orbiting around sun are as big as a football ground. (& some astroid have surface area more than that of Mumbai city). If such massive astroid happen to collide with earth, it wil lead to series of incidences like major change in climate & temp. which can ultimately cause THE JUDGEMENT DAY. ( It will take hundred of years though for complete exctintion of human racies) In past same Planet-X cause The extinction of superpowerfull Dinos.

So if something is to be happen.., it will happen b'coz of these two reasons. But the probablity of such incidence is very less.

So dont worry. Nothing is going to happen. Pls comment ur view, opinion.

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