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1st match

Thunderstruck begins to play and Chris Thunder walks out on stage and heads towards the ring. "The following contest is the ten man sudden Death match, The first one to score pin fall wins the match! First, weighing in at 210 pounds, from New York City, Chris Thunder!" Z"well Thunder does not have a reasonable record here in CBW. Perhaps his luck will change Nick?" N"I doubt it. he has been here longer than most but nothing has happened for him." Chris Thunder poses to a few cheers but mostly no response. Max duvet's theme begins to play and he comes out too boos from the crowd as Brian announces him. Z"This I believe is his third match folks, and he did quite well at the rumble! but he still looks to impress many and this might be a perfect way to do it!" N"he has done quite well in WZW but yet again, who hasn't done well there?" Max climbs the top spitting abuse at the fans as the Italion National Anthem plays on the speakers, the small boos turning to cheers as he runs out brimming with energy, being introduced. Z"trained by WWE Hall of Famer, Rob Van Dam, which might be the reason why he stands out in these multiple man situations!" N"your right he has Zaney. At Halloween Gaunlet he did amazing things and well provided great entertainment for these fans!" Life sucks then you meet me begins to play, King Cooper walks out to loud boos, You suck chants going out. "weighing in at 32 stones! King Cooper!" Z"Great preformance at KAG2" N"probably the only one too. Yet he thinks he is King. King of what exactly?!" Cooper enters, not wanting to be near any of the other men. Pimping ain't easy begins, Young Pimp strolls out, pimp walking as boos fill the arena. Z"I tell ya, this Former SAWF champion has done well in CBW. Although he was welcomed to CBW at the rumble wasn't so warm." N"that was funny, recieving three finishers in a row then being eliminated from the rumble, well atleast it was a welcome!" Young Pimp enters the ring, The biggest one in their now. The lights that bind-the war within begins to play. The cameras go back at the stage. two black fireworks shoot out on stage, then three red ones. Someone comes out and two more shoot down behind him and starts walking down the ring. Brian" Making his CBW debut, from North Bridge California, weighing in at 220 pounds, Da Man, Murdoc!" Z'Yet another new face here in CBW, works all over the place too! He is a former Hardcore champion!" Real American begins to play The Patriot walks out displaying an American Flag, waving it around the air on his way down to the ring. N"Too many new faces I should add!" yells Nick as Patriot leaves the Flag at ringside and his theme cuts quickly. "one, two get ready come on!" Blue flames go off on stage and Kevin Concussion makes his way to the ring, Rompe playing then fading as we hear Powerman 5000 begin to play. Ryan Simmons walks out on stage with a chorus of boos starting up from the he is introduced. Z"he is not that liked here after his actions at the T4N Rumble." N"It was just strategy. Why do people gets so touchy with these things." his fades and cold by crossfade begins. The boos dissappears quickly with cheers replacing them. "Looking back at me, I see that I never really got it right!" Legacy walks on stage, looking as arrogant as ever. Z"The reason why Sawf is declared dead is because of that man right there. Legacy!" N"Yea but Randy Orton did the work." Z"Legacy has a new goal, defeating these 9 other men. Can he do it?" the men round up almost in a circle, eyeing one another, not wanting any cheap shot from another

All ten men are in the ring as the bell rings, everyone is circling around looking for an opening to attack, as the worked up crowd roars of anticipation for the match to start. Da Man Murdoch is the first to break the out storming at Ryan Simmons with a clothesline, but Simmons quickly dropping to the floor near the corner sending Murdoch face first into the turnbuckle with a drop toehold, this attack seeming to send a wave of life through the ring and all hell breaking loose, Legacy and Kevin Concussion storming at each other starting in a wild brawl, as Young ****, Max Duvet and King Cooper team up on The Patriot driving him to the corner with a barricade of lefts and right, Chris Thunder taking the opportunity of Simmons distracted with working on Da Man in the corner to sneak up and deliver a German Suplex, While Francesco Rossi looks to take over the beating of Murdoch, but is met with a big boot from the newcomer sending him staggering backwards, Da Man is quickly up and sending Rossi to the mat with some devastating rights to the head, following up with an elbow drop, before getting up and going to join Legacy driving Concussion into the ropes, they grab the arms of Kevin and sends him running through the ring and right into the crowd of Young ****, Duvet and King Cooper, who were preparing to whip The Patriot, all four men go down, as Legacy and Da Man Murdoch is rush over and starts stomping on everything that moves. Meanwhile Chris Thunder and Ryan Simmons, who has come up again are slugging it out in the corner, Simmons seemingly gaining the upper hand sending Thunder into the corner with some hard rights, before unleashing a whirlwind of kicks showing of his extra ordinary footwork, as thunder slumps down in the corner, Simmons storms at the group targeting Da Man Murdoch near the ropes with a clothesline bringing them both to the outside, Ryan is the first to get up, dragging Murdoch to his feet and going for a DDT, but Da Man blocks grabbing Simmons waist and sending him to the floor with a Nothernlights suplex. Inside the ring the combatants has once again split up in small groups with King Cooper and Legacy brawling it out in one corner Cooper getting the upper hand blocking a big right from Legacy and planting a knee in the gut, Cooper going for the Firemans carry, but Legacy slides wriggles fre and slides down the back of The King grabbing the head in the process and executing a Reverse DDT, both men are on the mat, Legacy slowly starts to rise, but is driven face first into the mat by Kevin Concussion with an X-Factor, Kevin gets up and looks to hit an elbow drop, but suddenly is send flying into and over the ropes by a dropkick from Max Duvet, who jumps to his feet, grabbing the ropes and slingshots himself to the outside onto Concussion with a Plancha. In the ring King Cooper is once again up and in a elbow and collar tie up with Young ****, they struggling back and forth through the ring, suddenly both go down as Chris Thunder comes in low with a chop block cutting down Cooper and The Patriot and Rossi dropkicks Young ****, the three look at each other with surprise written in their faces, then Patriot and Rossi smile and goes for Thunder with a double clothesline sending him to the mat, The Patriot quickly goes to follow up the beating on Chris, but the Italian grabs him and drives him back first to the mat with a Russian Legsweep, Rossi rises to his knees and smirks posing before he goes for the cover ONE… Francesco is hoisted up from The Patriot, by his arms and legs, then send crashing down on top of him again by Young **** and King Cooper, **** quickly down for the cover, but Cooper breaks it with a kick to the back, Young **** is qickly on his feet, so is Chris Thunder and the three start in a wild three way brawl. Meanwhile on the outside Da man Murdoch and Ryan Simmons are brawling taking advantage of everything they can get their hands on, Murdoch getting the best of it blinding Simmons with a soda taken from a spectator, Da Man following up with a kick to the gut and a DDT sending Simmons to the concrete floor, Murdoch drags the Scotsman to his feet and sends him ribs first into the ring steps, then takes a look in the opposite direction where Max Duvet is on the apron looking to hit a high impact maneuver to Kevin Concussion who is lying on the floor, Murdoch advancing towards them as Duvet jumps of hitting a moonsault to his floored opponent, Max slowly starts to get up, but is caught halfway by a boot to the head by Murdoch, who starts pounding away on Duvet. In the ring Chris Thunder has got a hold of Rossi and sends the Italian into the corner with a hard whip, Francesco staggers out and is drilled head first into the mat with a onehanded facbuster, Thunder quickly on the pin, but its broken by The Patriot with an elbow drop, but he cant follow up as Legacy grabs him, hoist him up and sends him back first over the knee. In the opposite end King Cooper and Young **** are laying into each other with hard punches, Cooper getting in a stinging chop as the crowd respond with a WOOOO, The King forcing pimp into the corner with a couple of more chops, he then lifts **** to the top turnbuckle, following him up there and placing him on his shoulders, but both are send down with Young **** landing on top of Cooper on the mat as Simmons is up on the apron, the Scotsman quickly proceeds to the top and hit’s a moonsalt to the pile of opponents beneath him, Simmons quickly facing, The Patriot and Chris Thunder slowly advancing towards him, both go suddenly slump to their knees with their eyes almost popping out of their head and holding their crotches as the grinning Francesco Rossi gets to his feet behind them, Simmons runs at Rossi with a clothesline, Francesco goes under, runs for the ropes and comes of with one of his own, ducked by Ryan, the Italian stops and spins and goes for a kick, but its grabbed by Simmons who smirks at his opponent before hitting a Dragon Screw and quickly wrapping Francesco’s legs into a Figurefourleglock, Rossi screaming in pain and looking like he is going to tap out to the vicious leglock, but Young **** is up and plants a leg drop over the chest of Simmons, who releases the lock, before being dragged to his feet. Meanwhile on the outside Kevin Concussion is back on his feet and is stalking Max Duvet and Da Man Murdoch who is slugging it out by ringside, Duvet seemingly on top Swinging wildly at Murdoch, but both men are cut down with a clothes line from Concussion, who swiftly jumps to the apron and enters the battle inside the ring, where the rest of the combatants are up and brawling away. Legacy is the first to greed Kevin going at him with a big right, but Concussion ducks and goes between the ropes with a shoulder and follows up with a Sunsetflip, he covers, but its broken by a kick to the spine by Rossi, who turns back to Chris Thunder who he just gained control over and sends him to the mat with a Neckbreaker, on the other site of the ring King Cooper and The Patriot are working on Ryan Simmons pummeling away on the Scotsman with hard punches, they look at each other then sets him up for a Double Suplex, but Simmons blocks it and drills them both into the mat Double DDT all three are down on the mat, Legacy who is up again looking to take advantage of this grabbing The Patriot and dragging him to his feet, he sets him up for the LKO and nails it, but before he can capitalize from it he is flattened by Francesco, who has send Chris Thunder to the outside, Rossi quickly starts grabbing and throwing his opponents out of the ring, first Legacy, then Simmons, King Cooper and The Patriot, he turns around to face Concussion and Young **** who are exchanging blows at the side, Rossi runs, but both have scouted it and the Italian is send crashing to the outside, Young **** taking the opportunity to land a kick to the midsection of Concussion and lifting him to his shoulder with a Gutwrench, **** parades around the ring with Kevin on his shoulder facing the sealing, Young **** then grabs the neck of Concussion and brings him down with a neck breaker, he sits up smiling before going for the pin ONE… TWO… THR… suddenly Max Duvet comes of the turnbuckle with the E911 breaking the pin, all three ...
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