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4th match

We go back in the arena, Brian Austin in the ring holding the mic. "Please welcome, WZW's Grim Reapeeeer!" A man walks out with a robe disguising his face halfway down the ramp Brian starts to speak again, "And SAWF's Dead Dude!" Another man comes out dressed in ripped up jeans and a ripped up skater shirt with white face paint and eye shadow. N"Since when did we invite these two?m Isn't a match next?" Z"I don't know nick, but I think these two have something to say." They both enter the ring, Fans not reacting to either of these men. "We will never die alone! Juggalos will carry on! Swing our hatchets if we must! Each and every one of us!" Deadman Jon walks out on stage, Red cap being worn saying JWO, and a hatchet man shirt. he enters the ring, looking at both "Dead men" smirking. He takes the mic from Brian and sends him out of the ring. "Look at you two. No wonder both feds are dead. They had horrible Undertaker Rip offs!" The fans cheer for that comment, The two men frowning. Jon walks over to Dead Dude "Dude, How many fucking times do you have to change? You suck at being the rich guy and you suck at being a milkman. What makes you think any different?" The Dead Dude shrugs and Jon shakes his head, "Well I, Jon, will solve this problem." The Dead Dude smiles thinking Jon will help but instead recieves a kick to the stomach, "Death Cutter!" yells out Zane as the move connects. Grim Reaper standing back, Jon rising kicking Dude out through the bottom rope. "Now, Many call me an Under Taker rip off. I'm not. Many rely on being a Deadman thinking they can accomplish as much as The Undertaker. Well lemme say something. IK don't need to be an Undertaker follower!" The fans cheer as Jon takes a pause "Yes I am a deadman, But not Taker dead. I don't come to the ring like Reaper or the pile of shit I just knocked out. Pretending to be a phenom or a legendary figure. I am me! I am a Juggalo! Nothing more!" Jon turns around kicks Reaper in the stomach, DEATH CUTTER!" He quickly picks the mic up "And Nothing less!" The cheers continue as the speakers come to life again "Jack throw another! Jake catch one more! They'll try to catch all thats in store for you! How many souls will fall from the sky?! How many souls where wondering why?!" The lights turn red as The Jeckals jump out onto the stage then run down the ramp, and slide through the bottom rope, now clapping hands with their partner Jon. "The Hunt is canned!" Countdown to Extinction starts to play. Bane and Eddy Raven walk out on stage to boos and Jeers "The following contest is a three on two handicap match! making their way to the ring, Eddy Raven! Bane! DARKNESS! and in the ring, The opponents, Deadman Jon, and the Amazing Jeckal Brothers! "Juggalo World Order!" "Here we go folks. Another battle between these two teams! Bane and Eddy taking the victory last time, Jeckals are trying again this time with Jon." N"well you think they are really going to win this time Zane? Bane is unstoppable!" Eddy and Jake starting off first with the collar to elbow lock up in the middle of the ring. Eddy forcing Jake in to the corner, ref trying to separate Eddy and Jake, finally Eddy backing off but goes back, kick to Jake's stomach, then a right. Boos starting up, Eddy with a knife Edge chop to Jake's chest, then another right, grabs Jake's arm, whips him to the other corner, Jake stumbling forward, Dropkick to his face from Eddy! Raven hooks the leg, one, two, A kick out. Eddy stands up grabbing him by the arm, whips him to the ropes. Jake comes back, ducks under Eddy's clothesline, continues the run to the other side, Eddy turns around, Flying heel kick to Raven's jaw! Bounces off the ropes, The darkness man comes back on his feet quickly, Clothesline from Jake! Jake runs to his corner, tags in Jack. Eddy stands up, double dropkick! Jake is sent to the corner, and Jack hooks the leg, One, Two, Kick out. Jack grabs Eddy by the hair, hits a few forearms to the face, Kick to the stomach-Eddy catches the leg, Jack kicks his other leg up, Enziguri! Jack pumped up as he starts climbing the top turnbuckle. Eddy up in time as Jack jumps off, Dropkick from Eddy to Jack in mid air! Eddy drags Jack to his corner and tags in Bane. The Monster scoops up Jack, Slams him down on the canvas! Bane puts his foot over Jacks throat, Blatantly choking him. Boos starting up from it. The ref trying to get his boot off Jacks throat, starting the five count. Bane finally letting go. Bane lifts Jack to his feet, grabs him by the arm, whips him to the turnbuckle, Jack back first to the top turnbuckle then falls forward on his face! Bane goes over, puts his boot on the back of Jack's head! Boos starting up and they grow when Bane holds on to the top ropes. The ref starting the five count again, finally Bane gets his boot off but starts arguing with the ref. Bane pushes the ref away, and the ref pushes back, bringing in cheers, and the cheers get louder when Jack stands up quickly and tags in Jake! Ref calling the tag which makes Bane turn around, Jake already charging, Big Boot to the Juggalo's face! Bane drops down for the cover, One! Two! Thre-Shoulder up! Bane mounts on Jake, hits a right to his head, then again, and again! Bane lifts Jake up, grabs his arm, whips him to the ropes, Jake on the rebound jumps on the second rope, Moonsault-Caught by Bane! Looks like a tombstone attempt, but is lifted on his shoulder, Snake Eyes! Jake's head hitting the top turnbuckle, Bane tagging in Eddy, The Darkness man lifting the Juggalo up by his hair, Slams it down on the top turnbuckle! Then a hard right! Eddy turns, Snap mare, Jake sitting up, Eddy with a kick to the back of the head! Cover, one! Two! Shoulder up! Eddy sits Jake up again, locks in a sleeper hold! N”Here we go! Darkness might win again here!” Z”Jake still showing life though!” N”Not anymore!” Ref lifts the Juggalo's arm, it goes down, once... twice... Three-No! Jake showing life again. Eddy adding pressure, but its not helping. Jake rising to his feet, elbow to Eddy's stomach! Then again! And a third! Eddy finally letting go! Jake bouncing off the ropes! Head scissors! Edyy flying across the ring! Stands and turns around, Flying Heel Kick! Both up again, Double clothesline! Both go down! The ten count starts as both men are seemed to be knocked out. Jake starts crawling to his corner both Jack, and Jon stretching their arms out for a tag. Eddy starting to move towards Bane who is also stretching for a tag. finally Jake makes the tag! Jon enters rushes into the ring, Eddy tagging in Bane! Right from Bane! Then Jon! Bane again! And Jon again! Bane rake to his Jon's eyes! The boos starting up again! Bane scoops him up and slams him down! Jake back up and charges at Bane but Bane wraps his hand around his throat! Jack running in, also gets a hand around the throat. N”The Jeckals are going for a ride Zane!” DOUBLE CHOKESLAM! Jon rises slowly, Bane lifts him on his shoulders, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Bane hooks the leg, ONE! TWO! THRE-KICKOUT! Jon kicks out, Bane looking shocked, the fans cheering loudly. Bane looks at the ref pissed off starts backing him to the corner. Bane not noticing Draco Jordan hopping the fan barricade. Bane turning around lifting Jon, The ref seeing Jordan outside, He starts to argue with DDMJ. Jack coming in the ring with a chair, “WHACK!” a chair shot to the back of Bane! Bane turns around looking pissed. Jack goes for another chair shot but gets a boot to the face! Bane turns around. Kick to the stomach! Jon spins around, elbow to the back of the head, sending Bane face first into the canvas! The DEATH CUTTER! Jon covers! The ref turns around in time, ONE! TWO! THREE! "We will never die alone! Juggalos will carry on! Swing our hatchets if we must! Each and every one of us!" Z"JWO has taken the victory!" N"They cheated damn it!" Jon and The Jeckals start heading up the ramp along with Jordan celebrating the win then we fade.

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