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*Tips: Live Sex!

How to watch live sex?

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Ok, you're a normal guy with normal needs. Your girlfriend won't put out; you
don't have enough for a whore. Pornos and Playboy just don't cut it anymore.
You want real live sexual activity before you. Fucking the Dead is one way.
(Someone wrote a file on that didn't they?) But this way maggots don't eat your cock off while you're a-fucking. If you live in a large building on a high floor, peeping should be no problem. All you need to do is find a careless neighbor anywhere in your view from your window. A young couple who still go at it and walk around the house naked a lot are prime specimens.
A pre-peeping idea: Try to carry groceries up for the wife while the husband is at work. Then while she is going back downstairs, open the shades
in the bedroom and open the window in the bathroom. If they are
careless enough then you should get a good show that night.
Or, try any way to get into the apartment. If you are young and
innocent looking say you are taking some poll or survey. Then do
the thing with the blinds and get ready. If you're into illegal shit, why not just break in? And if you have electronic equipment, set up some cameras in the bedroom or bathroom or wherever. Also, bug the place to get the full audio
as well.
Ok, you're ready to peep. At night, if they have the lights on and you have the lights off, they can't see your ass at all. Just get out the binoculars and
peep to your hearts content. Of course, when they turn out the lights you
can't see shit, but they won't turn them off right away know what I mean? And they never turn off the bathroom light so if she is a habitual showerer...get going. If the building they live in is close enough to yours you don't even need binoculars. But if you do need them, focus them beforehand because they are a bitch to focus in the dark. Kitchens are good places to look as well, because I have found that after a good fuck...

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