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Meri Pyaari Beti

To the casual observer in the hotel lobby, Shanu might have been a secretary or legal assistant. She carried a lightweight briefcase and wore a stylish blue blazer, a tasteful matching skirt, and a bright white blouse that did little — not that it was supposed to — to hide Shanu’s curving, bountiful breasts. Her thick russet hair hung almost to her shoulders and was styled to enhance her dancing brown eyes, high cheekbones, and full, red lips. To complete the secretarial look, Shanu wore flattering silver-rimmed glasses.

Shanu wore white stockings on her long dancer’s legs, and the three-inch white high heels she wore provided the only clue as to what she truly was — a 19-year-old college student working her way through school as a call girl.

A closer look at Shanu would have revealed that she had opened the top two buttons to emphasize her cleavage; her clients loved that, found it tantalizing. The blazer not only served to conceal her presence from hotel management and provide protection against the chilly October night, it also gave her new client one more garment to remove.

But the timing couldn’t be worse for Shanu; it was a Friday night, and her parents were coming to visit her for the weekend the next day. Shanu wanted to be ready. But Rajendar, her professor and procurer, had insisted.

“Wo aadmi 45-50 saal ka hai aur lagbhag har mahine aata hai,kabhi jyada bhi” Rajendar had told her. “wo hamesha tumhare type ki body wali ladkiyon ki demand karta hai, use naa to jyada lambi chahiye,haa! mote kulhe, bade bobe,bhuri aankhe,raseele honth aur gori chitti ladki chahiye jo ki tum ho.use lund chuswane me maza aata hai aur tumhe choosne me, aaj tum use khush kar dogi to wo tumhe achhi tip bhi dega! kabhi-kabhi 1500-2000 tak ki tip bhi de deta hai. Best of luck.”

As always, it was the money that won. There simply weren’t that many jobs that paid Rupees 3000 for an evening’s work. With more on the way; Rajendar told her she could clear Rupees 5,000 during Homecoming Week.

“oh! wo ghar par kyon hai Shanu,” he said. “Aane ke liye.”

Besides the money, Shanu had to admit she often enjoyed the job. Men, especially the older ones, were putty in her hands. Most of them wanted someone to talk to as much as someone to take to bed; in many ways, Shanu was a therapist. She certainly left none of her clients unhappy.

Room 413. Shanu knocked gently on the door, right on time. It swung open immediately.

Call girl and client gaped in shock.




Laxman Sharma grabbed his daughter hard around the wrist and yanked her into the room.

“Shanu! ye sab kya ho raha hai?” he demanded.

“PAPA! yahi baat mai aapse bhi puchh sakti hu,” she replied. “Kya ye sab mummy ko pata hai?”

Laxman Sharma blushed.

“Ye sab important nahi hai Shanu, Ab ye bata tu yaha kaise aai hai? Mai ye jaanana chahta hu ki tu ye sab kab se kar rahi hai,mai jo soch raha hu ye wo sab hai ya koi coincidence hai, tu ek call girl………”

Now Shanu blushed, somewhat ashamed, and not knowing what to say, especially since, like all her clients, he’d paid in advance.

“PAPA ye sab extra jeb kharch ke liye karti hu, is shahar me khrcha aur dikhawa itna hai ki mai usse bach nahi pai aur aisa kaam karne lagi,” she said quietly as tears welled in her eyes. “Yaha padhi ke kharch ke alawa aur bhi …..–”

“Mai abhi police ko bulata hu,” Laxman Sharma muttered. “Kitne aur bastard hai tujhe asa kaam karwane me–”

“Papa police ko bulane me koi problem nahi hai lekin….Mai ye sab apni marzi se kar rahi hu,” Shanu reminded him. “Jab Police aayegi to sabhi client ki list public ko pata chal jayegi aur usme aapka aur mera dono ka naam aa jayega,isliye ab aap mujhe jane do kisi ko kuchh nahi pata chalega.”

Laxman Sharma looked away from her, and walked over to the dresser, on which stood a bottle of Scotch, two glasses, and an ice bucket.

“Ye itni seedhi baat nahi hai Shanu,” he said. “Mai to kisi karan se ye Sex service leta hu, par mai tumhe is gande is tarah mere saamne aa jayegi, Maine sapne me bhi nahi socha tha.” He turned to pour his drink.

Wait tables? No way. Shanu didn’t want to give up her job, but what choice did she have now? Crushed, she was about to leave.

But when her father turned to the dresser, she gave him an instinctive glance. Shanu could spot a hard-on at twenty yards, and Dad’s was poking out like a cannon from a battleship.

Shanu made a nervy decision. She dropped her blazer to the floor, and her inviting tits bulged forward. Boldly, she stepped close to him.

“Papa aap kya chahte hai mai jaanti hu?”

“Aap tab se mujhe uus nazar se dekhte the jab mai 15 saal ki thi mujhe aapki wo harkate aaj bhi yaad hai papa! jo aap mujhse pyar karne ke bahane se karte the” she said, shaking her tits slightly, her voice dropping. “Mai tab se hi jaanti thi ki aap mujhse kuchh alag tarah ka pyar karna chahte hai,jab mummy aas-pass nahi hoti thi tab hi aap mujhe paas bula kar mujhe kiss karte the …….Aur jan-bujh kar mere hotho par kiss kiya karte the ,aur mai exited ho jaati thi lekin samajh nahi pati thi ki mujhe kya ho jata tha jab aap mujhe aise kiss kiya karte the lekin aaj bhi Mujhe wo sab baate yaad hai Papa!.”

“S- Shanu, Ye tu Kya kah rahi hai?”

Now Shanu’s head was close to his chest; even in heels, he stood a head taller than she. Now, with longing on her face, Shanu looked up into her father’s handsome blue eyes, uncertain expression, the touch of grey at his dark temples.

“Aaj mai aapko pura mauka de rahi hu aur mai aapko pana chahti hu kya aap jaante hai Papa…..” she said, gently caressing his arm. “Jab us time mere saath pyar karte the tab mujhe bhi achha lagta tha, Mai bhi aapke saath jyada se jyada akeli rahna chahti thi lekin mauka hi nahi milta tha….Par aaj mauka hai PAPA…”

“Shanu ! Tujhe ye sab baate nahi kahni chahiye hum dono aise baate nahi kar sakte hai kyonki mai tera baap hu,” he said, nervously gulping his drink.

“PAPA AAP MERE SAATH BISTAR PAR LET KAR WO SAB KARNA CHAHTE HO NA? Jiske liye aap yaha aaye ho,aap mere saath wo sab karna chaho to kar lo mai kuchh bhi bura nahi manungi Papa!……Mai kisi ko bhi nahi bataungi ki hum dono ke beech me kya hua tha, Akhir mere jaise sharir wali ladki ko pane ke liye aapne 5000 rupees kharch kiye hai…….”

Shanu’s index finger barely touched the length that ran along Laxman Sharma’s zipper. He sucked his breath in sharply, and blushed beet red, but he did not stop her.

“Aaap hamesha Rajendar Sir se meri jaisi dikhne wali ladkiyon ki demand karte ho, iska matlab aap aaj bhi mere Badan ko chahte ho papa! Batao na ……..Aaj ke baad aapko mere jaisi ladki nahi dhundhni padegi Papa……Mai aapko kabhi bhi naa nahi karungi.”

Shanu brazenly squeezed her father’s dick. It was the hardest cock she’d ever felt, a living rail spike.


“Kaisa lag raha hai papa? aap ye nahi jaanna chahoge ki maine yahan college me aakar kya-kya karna seekh liya? Aap bhi aao na papa . Dekho to sahi mai kitni badi ho gayi hu, Aur kya-kya seekh liya hai….”

Cal’s kiss was hard and forceful. It took Shanu a second to keep her footing and kiss him back.

“Aaj raat bhool jaao ki mai aap ki BETI hu , jo karna ho karo Papa aaj raat mera Shareer aapka hai” she rasped. “Ab batao aap kya karna pasand karenge. Aaj raat aap mere sabse special coustmer ho, Aap jo chaho aur jaise chaho mere saath kar sakte ho mai aapko pura maza dungi.”

Laxman Sharma didn’t say anything; he kissed his daughter and nibbled her neck as his hands began to run all over her curvaceous body. He led her to the bed, lay her down on it, kissed her and roughly opened her blouse.

“Oh…BAGWAN…. Kitna gadraya badan hai tera meri Beti, Aaj mai tere saath jee bhar ke chudaai karunga.” he mumbled as he realized that, underneath the enticing blouse, Shanu wore a white lace teddy.

“Khadi ho kar puri nangi ho ja,” he commanded. “Taki mai dekh saku ki ab tu kitni badi ho gayi hai.”

Shanu rose to her full high-heeled height, and, as teasingly as she could, peeled the blouse away; then the skirt fell to the floor. She stepped out of it, and twirled to please her father.

A magnificent vision of beauty, Laura’s hair now tousled and free, her brown eyes aglow, her generous breasts thrusting forward into Laxman Sharma’s eager gaze, garters glistening and clinging to the long white stockings, plus those magnificent four-inch heels.

“Oh, Shanu,” Laxman Sharma said, “Kaha se Shuru karu samajh me nahi aa raha hai.”

It was now Shanu’s turn. Gently, she removed his button-down blue shirt, under which he wore nothing. She raked her nails across his chest, pinched his nipples, then bit them as she worked her way down to his belt. Soon the belt was open, the zipper down, and his desperate cock free.

“Oh, Papa!” Shanu gasped.

“Bol Shanu Kaisa laga raha hai mera lund? pasand aaya ki nahi”

Huge, red, long, hot and a little bit hairy, Shanu gazed at it.

” Papa yahi wo lund hai na jiske karan mai paida hui thi? Aaj aap ise meri chut me, Muh me ya gaand me daal kar maze lena Papa Mujhe kahi se bhi chod lena papa”.

Awed, she began to familiarize herself with it, gently masturbating him at first and then, the coup de grace — taking her father’s demanding cockhead between her moist red lips.

“Ahhh, Shanu,” her father sighed, his eyes closed. “Meri bacchi…..Aaj mai tujhe chodunga mujhe to yakeen hi nahi ho raha hai ki jiske liye mai itna sochta tha wo mere liye RANDI ban kar aayegi.” His forceful fingers dug into her rich russet hair, and he began to move his hips, ever so gently fucking her face.

Shanu opened her jaws a little wider and let him have her that way for a couple of minutes. Then she grasped his shaft and took over, lifting her head.

“Papa mere mouth me hi nikal dena mai aapka cum peena ...

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