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public harrassment

Lea and I have been at the cottage for three days. It is early in the morning. I woke up before Lea.

Lea and I have been at the cottage for three days. It is early in the morning. I woke up before Lea.

Lea has the most desirable large tits and nipples. I woke up facing her. She was on her side, her large breasts resting heavily on each other. Lea has a round ass to go with her round breasts. I look at her sleeping quietly, remembering the suckling session we had only 4 hours ago.
Lea started with the suckling. She suck so hard it hurt! My breasts are filling up with milk, I can feel it. They are larger. She squeezed, and sucked, and suckled more than the 10 minutes on each side the instructions suggest. I felt her hand move down my body. Slowly, she carressed my pussy then, she teased my clit. I was wet and wanting her to fuck me.

She left my breasts to kiss my stomach. She opened my legs and started by gently sucking on my clit. At last, she entered one finger in my vagina. She took her finger out to lick it then pushed it back inside of me. `I love to taste you, I wish I could swallow all of you`she said softly. I moaned. My pleasure was building up. `Use more fingers Lea! I need you to make me come, please fuck me harder`I pleaded. She spread my legs more, lifting them up and started to lick and suck the entrance of my vagina. It only made me want her to fuck me more. `Please Lea! I need to be penetrated bad!`I demanded.

She moved her head away from my pussy and entered two fingers. She was moving them in and out of me faster now. My pleasure was immense, building to a much needed orgasm. She entered a third finger and picked up the pace. My juices were flowing. With her other hand she penetrated my ass hole. First with one finger, then two, then three. She was fucking me good. I reached a violent orgasm which lasted throughout a series of convulsing spasms. When I had finaly calmed down, I looked at Lea with a smile `Thank you. I needed that. Can I do the same to you?`I said. Lea crawled up next to me. She kissed me lovingly. `I would like it if you rubbed my clit while you suckle on my nipples`she answered. And so I did. I controlled my rubbing and caressing, insuring she would have a long powerful orgasm. And so she did. We fell asleep.

Now I look at her thinking how beautiful she was and how great our relationship was. Our husbands love each other as much as Lea and I do. It was a great feeling to know that. While we are at the cottage for a couple of week, they are living in our house, as a couple. They could fuck every night. I could just imagine them together, sucking on each other's cocks while waiting for diner to be ready, fucking in the shower in the morning. They were not missing us and we were not missing us.

I woke up Lea sofly, carressing her breasts. `Lea, my breasts realy hurt this morning. They feel so tight.`I said softly, moving myself up on the pillows until my left breast was close to her mouth. I reached behind her head and pulled her to my swollen tit, positioning myself so that my nipple was directly to her mouth. Her eyes still closed, she understood she needed to open her mouth and suckle. I pressed a liitle against her face to make sure she had opened her mouth enough and had my entire nipple well place in it. After a minute or so, she opened her eye wide and moved back. She was looking at my nipple. I knew right away and looked down.

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She grabbed my nipple gently and squeezed milk out of it. `You did it!`she said triumphantly! She eagerly went back to suckling. I felt release. The pressure in my left breast was easing with every suck. After a while, Lea looked at me with a large smile. Ì will do the other one now. It tastes delicious! Thank you!`I felt content. Lea was emptying my right breast. I held her close to me. When I had fed Lea all that I could, we kissed a long amourous kiss. It had succeeded with me.

We had to continue our work on getting milk to Lea's large breasts. It would come to her as well. I started to suckle on her erected nipples with even more energy than ever before.

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