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Pls cum

So the subject was brought up after we had watched an old movie about truck drivers, bandits and bears. You can probably guess the one, if you’re old enough. Anyway, it had a very young Sally Fields in it being sexy as only she can be, at least in the opinion of many men, not necessarily old. Mary made the remark that her husband, Joe, would fuck Sally if he had the chance. At least that’s what he was always telling her. Joe, putting on his best sad face, admitted that so far his chance hadn’t come up, which is too bad because Sally might not have too many good years left.

“You don’t mind your man lusting after another woman?” Carrie wanted to know, “Even if it could never happen, I wouldn’t want to think Vic would rather be fucking somebody else than me.”
Vic, being me, was in the kitchen making a plate of nachos, but I stuck my head around the corner to say,” Come on, Carrie. I remember very well you telling me ‘I’d fuck that’ when we were watching that guy chop down coconuts in Fiji.”
Carrie coloured as only Carrie can, “That was just to prime you, you jerk. You know I would never actually do it.”

So the talk carried on and I returned to my labour, but with my ears flapping. More people recalled the time when their spouse had expressed more than passing interest in this and that body. Another Sally, not Fields, began pushing the debate, fitting in that it was her doing that we all felt so free talking about fucking. When Sally met us, Sally was appalled by my casual use of the term ‘bugger’, sometimes almost as a term of endearment. We all knew the origins of the word, of course, but Sally made us aware how cockeyed a society could be that accepted bugger and wouldn’t stand for fuck. So now our crowd used fuck instead, although not as freely as we used to use bugger. Generations of altar boys would approve, I’m sure.

And being outside the circle gave me time to recall the time as kids a group of us (mixed gender) had sat around in the park playing with the F word. As the talk carried on, it was less F word and more fuck, and it was obvious most of us pubescent and prepubes were getting quite stimulated with the novelty. I think we thought we were being very grown up. Presently the talk revolved to who would like to fuck who, fuck being a literal term then. Andy, a slightly older guy, maybe 15, asked a younger girl, my sister Marj, who she would like to fuck. Marjie, could only stammer that she didn’t know, and then came back asking Andy who he wanted to fuck. Andy smiled like he had just won a major coup, and said, ”YOU.” My sister’s confusion was matched by a rather pleased and flattered expression, and , who knows, Andy might have got his wish if I hadn’t been there. But the memory was making me smile as I brought in my creation on a huge platter.

As the new face in the round table, I was pounced on to name my fantasy, although I knew many had refused to admit they had one. “I don’t waste my time with fantasy. Besides Carrie being all the woman I can handle, why bother myself with thinking about what can’t be?
Sally persisted, “Carrie had her Fijian, and few others she won’t name. You can’t tell us you never looked at a woman and at least wished? Give us a break.”
With the thought of my teenage group still echoing, I weighed my options and flirted with the fates. “There is a lady who I would like to fuck but I don’t like to say her name because unlike Sally Fields, she just might be possible and I don’t want to sound like I’m promoting. So I’ll just admit that there is such a girl and leave it at that. Frankly, I don’t think you could take the truth.”

That rocked Sally back a bit, but she was not the girl to stay rocked, “With that you expect us to leave you alone without knowing? Of course we have to know, and you know it, or you wouldn’t have given us the build-up. Spill it, stud, who’s pussy would you like to ravage?”
I tried to make the same face Andy had made twenty years earlier, “Yours.” Carrie was looking at me in mock shock, but relaxed when she caught my wink. “I told you you might not like to know. You looked surprised. You shouldn’t. You know I’m a sucker for dimples, especially ones that only come out when you smile, and except for now, you smile a lot. And my mind goes to mush when I think of your angelic face in orgasm.”

Sally composed herself in mid-gape, and put her dimples back on, “OK, you bastard, you got me/. I asked for it and got it. And now I guess we’ll never know who you would really like in bed.”
“Sally,” I protested, “You forced me to name my fantasy, even though I warned you. Now at least have the grace to accept what I say. I would fuck you joyfully, maybe even actively seduce you, if, A. I thought I could win you, and, B, if I wouldn’t lose Carrie over it. Trust me on this.”

“You want to fuck me? Isn’t this a lot more dangerous than wanting to fuck Sally fields? Sally was flustered for the first time in my memory. “What am I supposed to say? What is Carrie supposed to say? This is a real bomb you dropped.”
I laughed at her discomfort, “You’re supposed to say, and Carrie too, to forget it, boy. Same as Sally Fields would do if I managed to get the message to her. But that doesn’t change the facts, Joe wants to fuck Sally Fields, and I want to fuck you. And you have to admit, as bad as my chances are, Joe’s are worse.”

Much later, safe in our bed, Carrie still chortled at Sally’s shock. “You really got her good, kid. And you know, I think when she had come to terms with what you said, she might have been a little pleased. What would you have done if she had said, ‘Lets go, big boy’?
I shrugged, “ What would Joe do if Ms Fields said lets go? No, forget that, he would fuck her. Maybe you better be sure we’re not alone for the next little while. Actually, I think Sally might make sure of that herself.”
It was a good month before we saw Sally again, not because she was ducking me, but she nipped back to Britain for a visit. And she brought a man with her, an old friend she had run into and old flames had rekindled. “Damn, Sally, do you know how unattainable this makes you?” after I had shaken Tim’s hand, “Now I’m right there with Joe, my dream Sally completely out of reach.”

After Tim heard the story behind that exchange, I thought he looked at Carrie a little appraisingly, maybe wondering what kind of wife would let her husband even talk that way, even among friends. And I thought I saw a sharp little warning glance from Sally to Tim, so I carefully steered the talk away from the subject. We got on famously for the rest of the afternoon. Carrie especially was quite taken with the old world mannerisms of this new man, and he seemed more than willing to stay close to her. So they stayed for dinner, everyone delighted with how well Tim was fitting in.

So it was that Tim and I were left alone while the girls took an after dinner stroll. Tim barely let the door close behind them before he asked, “Did and do you really want to fuck Sally? It wasn’t just something you were saying to be funny?”
I had to admit that while I would in fact love to fuck Sally, it was far enough off the wall that I might as well have been passing marsh gas. Tim had a grave but mischievous look on his face. “It is, actually possible for you to fuck Sally. After all, I do. She’s not exactly frigid.” I could only look mutely at him as he went on, “The snag, of course, is Carrie. The only way to take her out of the equation is that someone would have to be fucking her. And I know an available and eager volunteer.”
I sucked in more wind, “You mean like swapping wives? I don’t think Carrie would go for that. Not that I’ve ever asked her.” I paused for reflection, “Mind you, she does look at other men, but mostly I think its because I look at girls.”
Tim smiled, ”We call it swinging in London. I think they do here too. And I think Carrie could be brought around. Sally has already said she would give it a try sometime.”

I thought back quickly at the looks Tim had given Carrie and the warning glance from Sally to Tim. I was willing to bet Sally hadn’t agreed to try it with old friends. As tactfully as I could, I conveyed this to Tim, and he conceded that on the face of it I was certainly right. Still, he reckoned it was worth keeping the idea on the back burner for when the girls got back, and I had no problem with that. Actually, the thought of what I had told Sally about her ‘dimples in orgasm’ kept making my cock jump just a bit.
So the girls got back, and thing were cool and mellow, but Carrie managed to get me alone to help her do something in the kitchen. She had a bee in her bonnet, not really flushed and excited, but with news she had to pass on.
“Sally told me she met Tim in a single club that is also a swinging hangout. She says she’s going to try it with Tim sometime, when he finds a club or group that he likes over here. Can you imagine Sally doing that?”
I sucked in my breath again, “Did Sally say anything about us and them? Are we in their sights?”

Carrie started, then laughed, “No, I don’t think so.” The she sobered, “You know Tim had been very attentive.” She paused, in thought. “Did Tim say anything?”
“Not much, just that he would love to fuck you, and Sally had agreed to swing with him. What you think of those apples, kiddo?”
We couldn’t take it further, because we had already been too long, and even whispering if it got too excited would have been heard in our small house. We both returned, and found Tim going through our book titles.
“Who reads the Fielding? Both of you? I’ve got every one of his.” Carrie quickly jumped in. Frankly, I see nothing in his writing to keep me awake, but to each her own. “It takes a special type to read Fielding, “Tim went on, “Sally doesn’t like him either. What is it about us that make us different from those two? It’s obviously not a gender thing. There is no gratuitous sex, no violence at all, at least physical.”

“Oh, but there is sex, “Carrie jumped in, “Its just that he doesn’t see fit to describe it stoke for stroke. That’s why the toad over there gets nothing out of it. He doesn’t like to imagine what can be painted for him.”
“ I don’t know,” Tim countered, “He imagines fucking Sally.” He laughed, “I sense we’re getting a bit too ripe with the talk. I think Sally would like us to cool it. I find it highly stimulating, myself, and great fun besides”
The talk stalled, and I was a bit sorry. I guess I found it quite stimulating and fun as well. Presently, Carrie and Sally were talking about the new clothes Sally had bought in Soho, and when Carrie would have a chance to ...
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