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barsaat ad mahu - Newest pictures

BARSAAT - few information

This article is COURTESY Shahrukh Khan from Yahoo Group on S-J i.e.


We can now say with a very high degree of certainity that SJ made their formal debut
as Music Directors sometime in November 1948!

It is highly probable that Raj Kapoor signed them as Music Directors of Barsaat in November 1948.

Please take a close look at the research evidence below.

With this evidence, we can certainly ascertain the time of SJ's formal debut as Music Directors
and so the date of SJ's Diamond Jubilee!

Mind you, we are still looking for the accurate release dates of Barsaat and would appreciate any inputs!

This is likely to be a longish post - will try and keep it short -
I am sure the build up will surely excite and interest the genuine SJ fan!

We begin when Aag is in the making and take a blow by blow account as the events lead to Barsaat!

1. Film India. January 1948.

The cover is an Ad of Aag.
Images of Raj Kapoor & Kamini Kaushal.
Headline of the ad - "This is not a motion picture, it is a page from life!"

2. Film India. February 1948. p 67. Pictures in the making.

R.K.Films (Bombay)
Producer - Director - Artiste Raj Kapoor, the chip of the old block, is working fast on his first picture "Aag" which is now almost complete and receiving final touches. The picture has cast of several stars including Nargis, Kamini Kaushal, Kamal Kapoor and Raj Kapoor.

According to the latest reports the picture is expected to be a good hit.

3. Film India. July 1948. p 57. Pictures in the making.

R.K.Films (Bombay)
Raj Kapoor, the youngest producer-director in the industry, also a star with a reputation already made, having completed his maiden picture"Aag" and sold the distribution rights for the various provinces at prices that would make old and experienced and renowned producers envious, is now busy with the production of another picture which has been named "Barsaat".

Paperwork for the picture is already complete and regular shooting will start shortly. The principal actors are the two stars - Nargis and Raj Kapoor - and Premnath. It will also be directed by Raj Kapoor.

4. Film India. August 1948. Cover is an Ad of Barsaat.

The text of the ad:
R.K.Films PRESENTS "Barsaat"
Starring: Nargis, Raj Kapoor & Premnath
Story, Screenplay & Dialogues: Inder Raaj
Music: Ram Gangoli
Produced & Directed by Raj Kapoor.
For Particulars - R.K.Films, 211, Famous Cine Laboratories & Studios, Hains Rd., Mahalaxmi.

I have posted a copy this ad on the Home page of our yahoo group!

5. Film India. September 1948. Cover is an Ad of Barsaat.
Music is still credited to Ram Gangoli.

6. Film India. November 1948. Cover is an Ad of Barsaat.
No change in credits.
This ad is designed by Kala Studio. All before were by S.M.Pandit.

Page 47 has review of Aag.
Date of release of Aag: 10th September 1948.

7. Film India. December 1948. Cover is an Ad of Barsaat.
Raj Kapoor presents Nargis in R.K.Films "Barsaat"
Produced & Directed by RAJ KAPOOR.
For Territorial Rights -
The ALL INDIA FILM CORPORATION LTD., 74/79, Tardeo Road, Bombay.

NO MUSIC CREDIT is mentioned!

8. Film India. December 1948. Page 71. Pictures in the making.
R.K.Films (Bombay)
Their maiden production "Aag" had a successful run at the Royal Opera House, Bombay, and is scoring equally well at other places where it has been released. Encouraged by the commendable success of his first attempt, producer-director Raj Kapoor is now progressing rapidly with his forthcoming social "Barsaat" starring Nargis opposite himself. The supporting cast led by Premnath, includes several well known artistes. The picture is expected to be ready for release in a few weeks.

9. Film India. February 1949. Page 69. Pictures in the making.
R.K.Films (Bombay)

Producer - Director - Artiste Raj Kapoor is busy day and night trying to complete his second picture "Barsaat" starring Nargis, Premmnath & himself. World distribution rights for the picture have already been sold to the All India Film Corporation, Bombay and territorial rights for Bombay, U.P and Delhi, East Punjab, Bengal, and C.P.C.I and Pakistan have been acquired respectively by Messrs. Jaysinh Pictures, Bombay, Wadia paramount Film Distributors, Delhi, "Friends Films" Jullundur City, Kapurchand & Co., Bombay and Idd Mohmas & Co. Lahore.

After this there is NO mention of Barsaat till

May 1950 Barsaat Review.
Date of release: 10th March 1950
Now it is certain that Barsaat was released in North India BEFORE it was released at Imperial Theatre Bombay!

Attached is an ad from a magazine called Rajatpat, published in Indore.

{Apologies for the poor quality of the picture. That is the best I could manage!}

The ad says

Bharatiya Rajatpat ke krantikari kalakar
Shree Raj Kapoor ki adbhut kalakruti


3 March Holi ke din se aap ke priya cinema gruh Moti Mahal Mahu mein dikhaya jaa raha hain

Jisme Komal kalisi Nargis, Raj Kapoor, Pran aur Nayi tarika Nimmi adi mahan kalakar karyarat hain!

Ek baar padhar kar, naya prabandh, nayi machine, nayi awaaz vyavastha aur vatavaran ko parkhiye!

Friends, It is 60 years ago that a phenomenon called SJ were signed and they continue to serenade this world!

Our research confirms that Raj Kapoor signed SJ as full fledged Music Directors sometime in November 1948!
Getting the exact date is a little tricky though we are trying!
The clinching evidence we can try and get is if we can find the contract that they signed!

That process would continue - however for all practical purposes we shall celebrate the
three months November 2008, December 2008 and January 2009 as the SJ Diamond Jubilee celebrations!

And we shall do this in such elan, panache and style inspired by SJ ...
that even SJ would be proud!

Here are ways to celebrate this occasion! Some are excellent suggestions by K S Prakashji!

1. Ringtones of SJ songs compatible with all mobiles.

2. T Shirt featuring SJ photograph (on one side) and SJ -The legends of HFM - Diamond Jubilee 1949-2008 (on the other side)
Bring it out in a limited edition

3. Fridge magnets/lapel pins with SJ photograph.

4. A commitment by each member that they will invite/introduce atleast 2-3 genuine SJ music lovers to our Yahoo group

5. Barsaat with SJ Wallpaper compatible with all mobiles and PCs

6. SJ group meets in ALL places where we have group members.

Some suggestions for celebration on our Group:

6. Five best films of SJ!

7. My top 60 songs of SJ list!

7. One definitive SJ film! An indepth review of the music!

5. Top Ten films of SJ - A comprehensive appreciation!
Listen to ALL SONGS! See the DVD! Rip ALL background tracks!

6. Great themes
6a. Night
6b. Life
6c. Love
6d. Longing
6e. We can add more

Please suggest more ideas - we have time till November!

Please remember ...
November 2008, December 2008 and January 2009 as the SJ Diamond Jubilee celebrations!

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