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Carol Dominates Jim

Once again Jim found himself climbing the stairs to Carol's 27th
Street apartment. Several weeks ago he had attempted to wrestle Carol, but
only ended up submitting to painful holds - the dreaded Boston crab, a
combination body scissors/headlock where Carol completely shut down his
breathing, and a deadly sleeper that sent him temporarily to dreamland.
Despite his poor performance in Carol's clutches, Jim was thrilled with
the experience in retrospect. His life-long fantasy of being physically
dominated and tortured by a beautiful woman had certainly been realized in
spades. Jim had made a return appointment with Carol on the spot, and
today he was keeping thatdate.

The beautiful Carol greeted Jim warmly and ushered him into the
apartment, which was equipped with wrestling mats as before. This time the
six-foot blonde was dressed in a shiny spandex "catsuit," which left
little concerning her anatomy to the imagination. She was so luscious that
Jim's palms seemed to itch in his eagerness to get his hands on her.
"You like?" she cooed, turning and showing off her body. "I just got
this little number last week. It's great for wrestling - guys get so
involved in looking at me that they forget what we're doing. Makes it real
easy to trap'em!"

Jim gulped, imagining how he would soon be trapped that way!

"You know, Jim," added Carol, "you really didn't do very well against
me last time. Were you really trying?"

"I sure was! You're just a damned good wrestler. Anyway, what excites
me the most is being forced to submit to your holds. I'm not really into
defeating a woman - I enjoy being dominated."

"Well, you've certainly come to the right place! Like I think I told
you last time, I really get off on using my body to make a man beg for
mercy! Tell you what - I'll stress really punishing you today. How's
that?" "Sounds great! Just don't kill me!"

"What? And lose a good customer - No way! What I will do, though, is
pour on the pressure until you say the magic word. Let's use 'mercy' as a
safe word. Don't forget it!" "Got it!"

"You know where to change, Jim. Got my money?"

Jim fished out the ¤175, a ¤25 "loser's discount" off last time's fee,
handed it over, and went into the bathroom to change.

Meanwhile Carol set the timer for one hour and started it as Jim
re-entered the room. "Same rules as last time?"

"Sure," Jim replied and warily circled Carol in the middleof the mat.

Rather than the cautious circling she employed in their last match,
Carol immediately made an aggressive lunge for Jim's left leg. Catching
him completely by surprise, her mid-calf hold easily flipped him onto his

Releasing Jim's leg, Carol rolled onto his chest and secured a firm
headlock. "Oh, no - not again," thought Jim, remembering their previous
match, as Carol painfully tightened the hold.

This time, though, Jim was able to slip out before Carol really had
herself established on his chest. Rolling away, he was temporarily free of
his beautiful opponent's clutches.

Before Jim could get to his feet, Carol had bounced up and and spun
around behind him. As Jim started to sit up, Carol slipped her
spandex-clad legs around his neck and pulled him into a neat head

She wasted no time applying pressure, and Jim's face quickly reddened
from the constriction. Carol was seated behind him, with his head neatly positioned between her thighs. As Jim put his right hand to his side, trying to bridge out of the painful hold, Carol grabbed his wrist with both hands and pulled his arm up by her chest. She rolled over on his trapped arm and secured it under her body, and was able to capture his left wrist before Jim could
try to break thescissors.

Jim was in big trouble, and he knew it. "Auuuuuuggghhhhhh!" he groaned
as Carol straightened her legs, pressuring the hold.

"Gotcha now, big boy!" Carol gloated. "You know, this is really sort
of comfortable for me. I hope you are enjoying being between my legs!"

Carol didn't crush down with full pressure on Jim's head and neck. She
knew that she could probably force an immediate submission with this hold,
but Jim was held completely helpless, and she intended to stretch out this
torture session. She gradually tightened the scissors, until Jim once
again began to moan and groan in pain.

"How does my suit feel on your neck? Nice and smooth, I hope!" Carol
taunted Jim as she alternately pressured and relaxed the hold in a slow

Jim saw stars every time Carol squeezed down on his sore neck, and his
jaw felt like it was being cracked. Several times Jim was close to crying
for "mercy." Each time, though, Carol stopped just short of exerting
unbearable pressure.

"Ya' know, Jim, I really like this hold." Carol hissed as the
continued the rhythmic torture. "I can relax, and I know I've got your
full undivided attention! Let's see what you cantake!"

Carol once again tightened her legs, but this time she didn't relax
the pressure.

"Aiiiiiieeeeeee" screamed Jim, as the crushing pressure mounted beyond
what he could tolerate. "Enough! Enough! I can't take any more!!! I

Carol continued to hold him tightly, though. "Not bad, guy, but I can
make it hurt a lot more!"

"No! Please!" begged Jim. "Have mercy!"

As Jim uttered their previously agreed safe word, Carol reluctantly
released the hold, and Jim sprawled on the mat,exhausted.

"God, Carol," he gasped. "I've never felt anything like that! You
could kill someone that way!"

"I probably could," agreed Carol. "But not today. I've got a lot of
other things to subject you to!"

Before Jim could completely recover, Carol deftly rolled him over onto
his stomach. She grabbed his ankles, crossed them behind his butt and sat
on them. "Jeeez!" shouted Jim. "I wasn't ready!"

"I was," grinned Carol. "You said you wanted an hour of physical
domination. Well, Jim-baby, you're getting it!"

Carol grabbed Jim's wrists, one in each hand, and began to pull his
arms back, lifting his fore-body off the mat. "We call this the
bow-and-arrow. Can you hit the target?"

"Oooowwwwwwwww!" Jim screamed, as Carol increased the tension. "My
back! You're breaking it!!"

"Oh, I don't think so," said Carol. She rhythmically bounced on his
entrapped legs, pulling his arms tighter with eachbounce.

BOUNCE. "Oww!" BOUNCE. "Yeow!" BOUNCE "Carol! Please!Oww!"

After about a dozen good bounces, Carol released the hold and moved
forward, sitting on the small of Jim's back with her feet placed at his
sides. She slipped her hands around his neck, pulling back forcefully on
his chin.

"God! Carol! You're killing me!" Jim screamed, as the pain increased
in his neck and back. He tried to relieve the pressure by pressing down
with his hands and forearms, but to no avail.

"This is the camel clutch, Jim," Carol explained. "It's another of my

Carol gradually pulled back more forcefully, lifting Jim's torso
further off the mat. "Aiiiiieeeeee! Please! I can't take any more!"

"Sure you can," growled Carol. "I'm not ready for you tosubmit yet!"

She continued to pressure the hold, increasing the pull until Jim
screamed, then backing off enough to quiet him down. After half a dozen
such sequences, she held the pressure steady for a good 30 seconds,
causing Jim to groan in agony.

"Mercy! Carol, mercy!" he screamed.

"Okay. I guess you've suffered enough for now!" Carol said as she
released Jim's chin and he dropped limply to the floor. "Let's take five,
before I torture you some more."

It took the full five minutes for Jim to recover enough to struggle to
his feet. "What else do you plan to inflict on me?"he asked warily.

"Oh, I'm not sure. You'll just have to wait and find out." Carol
answered, smiling sweetly at Jim. "Ready to go?"

"I guess so," Jim groaned. "I'm going to get you thistime!"

"Oh you are, are you?" was Carol's response, as she circled Jim,
looking for an opening.

Carol sexily ran her hands over her tightly encased breasts. The
gesture was not lost on Jim, who followed her hands like a hypnotist's
subject follows the legendary swinging pocket watch. Suddenly she lunged,
catching both of Jim's calves and neatly flipping him on his back.

Quickly taking advantage of the situation, Carol lifted his legs, such
that Jim was folded, with most of his weight on his neck and upper back.
She spread his legs, hooking one with her right leg and securing the other
ankle with both hands.

"Welcome to the banana split!" she crowed as she leaned forward,
splitting Jim's legs and putting more weight on hisneck.

"Ugh!" grunted Jim. The split wasn't all that painful, but the
position he was being forced into compressed his diaphragm, and he found
breathing increasingly difficult.

"My, you're turning red!" Carol observed. "What's the matter? Can't
breathe?" "Ummph! Mmmmmph!"

Carol held Jim in that difficult position for a seeming eternity,
allowing him just enough breath to avoid blacking out. He couldn't really
yell - only muffled grunts could he make.

Finally Carol let go of him and Jim flopped on his back. Carol lay on
top of Jim hooking each of his legs with hers and locking her arms tightly
around his neck. She used the leverage in her legs to force Jim's legs
apart forcefully.

"How do you like the grapevine, big boy?"

"Aiiiee! You're splitting me in two!"

"Oh, I don't think so. You're just not very flexible. Let's work on
that some!"

Carol alternated between forcing Jim's legs apart and pulling up hard
on his entrapped head. As she pulled up on him her crotch pressed
painfully against his chest and her breasts covered his face. Breathing
was almost impossible, due to the terrific ...
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