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px alan wake

Alan Wake

this is a really cool game if you like silant hill or other games like that you should love Alan Wake ..............................................Plot if you dont want to know the end don't read this ............................................
Alan Wake, a bestselling writer who hasn't managed to write anything in over two years, and his wife, Alice, go to the idyllic small town of Bright Falls to recover his creative flow. They are greeted by the friendly townsfolk before being taken to their house in the middle of Couldron Lake. After a heated argument, Alan leaves the house, knowing that his wife will not follow him as she has a fear of the dark. Upon hearing screaming, Alan runs back into the house only to find that Alice has fallen into the lake. He dives in after her. Suddenly, Alan wakes up in a car, his head bleeding. He heads towards the nearest gas station after being attacked by the Taken, people from Bright Falls that have been taken over by the Dark Presence. When he arrives, by seeing a sign he realises it's been a week since he jumped in the lake after Alice. He calls for the police, and when he says that his wife is missing and they lived in the house on Couldron Lake, Sheriff Sarah Breaker informs him that there is no house in Cauldron Lake. They drive past it and, much to Alan's horror, she's right.

After being interrogated by the Sheriff and meeting his agent Barry, who arrived after not receiving any responses from his phone, Alan receives a call from a kidnapper who shows he has Alice by her speaking over the phone, saying to meet him at Lover's Peak in Elderwood National Park. He gets keys to a house in the park with Barry, and sets out to meet him while Barry stays in the house. On the way Alan finds Rusty, the kind Ranger whom he met earlier at the diner and gave him keys to the house, badly wounded after being attacked by the Taken. He gives Alan a piece of paper: A page of a manuscript to a story with his name on it that he cannot remember writing, and everything that it says is coming true. After being forced to kill a possessed Rusty, he continues down the Lover's Peak and finds the kidnapper. After holding off the Taken at Lover's Peak, the two get into a scuffle and end up falling off the edge of a cliff, though neither are critically harmed. Alan receives a call from Barry, who says all the lights have gone out in the house. On his way back, the kidnapper says he has 2 days to give him the entirety of the manuscript at the old coal mine, or his wife dies. After saving Barry they decide to head in town the next morning to see if anyone knows someone fitting the kidnapper's description. Barry while in town gets a call from Rose, a waitress who is a die-hard fan of Alan's books. She says that she has the entirety of the manuscript. But when she makes the call, a woman in black behind her, a possible manifestation of the Dark Presence, says "Good girl".

Both Alan and Barry go to Rose's trailer during the day to get their hands on the manuscript. But when they arrive, they both fall unconscious after drinking Rose's coffee, filled with crushed sleeping pills. When Alan wakes up (by this time a day had passed so he only had another 12 or so hours to find the manuscript) after a vision involving the manifestation, with Barry still unconscious, he finds the police waiting for him: The owner of the trailer park thought that Barry and Alan did something as Rose was very different when they woke up. For no reason, an FBI agent, Nightingale, begins to open fire on Alan, who is forced to flee into the woods. Alan heads to the local radio station for help, but Nightingale turns up and opens fire yet again, so Alan flees yet again. He finds a car by sunrise and begins to head to the coal mine. He arrives on time and waits for the kidnapper to turn up late into the evening, but he never does. He gets a call from the kidnapper telling him to find him in the woods, and when he does the kidnapper reveals that he never had his wife before being engulfed by a tornado of the Dark Presence. Grabbing a flare before the Dark Presence can finish him off, Alan falls off the cliff and is saved by someone.

He wakes up in the Cauldron Lake Lodge, which was a hotel and now runs as a mental institute for 'artists', lead by Dr. Hartman. He says that his wife died and all of the events that have transpiered were figments of his imagination. Alan refused to believe him, and as night began to fall two other patients, the Andersons (former rock stars of the 1970s), begin to cause havoc in the institute. In all the chaos, Alan manages to get the keys to the Staff Room and, along with Barry who came to visit him, finds the complete manuscript. Dr. Hartman finds him and asks to work together on 'this', saying they can make something beautiful. The Dark Presense begins to engulf the Lodge, and Alan allows Dr. Hartman to die. He begins to realise that the Andersons understand what is going on, and so heads to their farm along with Barry. When they arrive at the farm they find out a hidden message is on a old record that says "Find the Lady of the Light": They then remember a woman, Cynthia Weaver, who was clutching a lantern in the diner Alan visited apon arriving in Bright Falls. In the morning they agree to head into town to find her. After having some moonshine with Barry, which uses water from Couldron Lake as one of the main ingredients, he has a vision. Alan begins to remember exactly what happened during that week.

When he jumped to save Alice, he could not find her and thought she drowned. He broke down crying on the dock before heading back into the house. The Dark Presense, in the form of Barbra Jagger, a writer from the 1970s who was the Dark Presense's last puppet, tells Alan to start writing a story, saying that the story will come to life and he can write Alice back into existance: The Dark Presense lets people write stories in Couldron Lake then heavily edits them, so their dark presense can spread throughout the land. After writing for a week, some part of Alan realised he was under control of the Dark Presense, and wrote in his own escape into the story. As he ran, Tom, the former lover of Barbra in the 1970s, distracted the Dark Presense as he got into the car, but he was too tired and crashed the car, thus showing what happened during that week.

Alan wakes up and is greeted by Agent Nightingale at gunpoint, who takes him and Barry to their cells. When there is a sudden power-cut, both the Sheriff and Nightingale come to watch over them, but as Nightingale reaches into his pocket to check a page the Dark Presense grabs him away. The Sheriff frees them, and they explain they need to find Cynthia. The Sheriff says she lives in the old power station. All 3 of them reach a helicopter and fly over there. However, on the way there is some turbulance, and so Alan is forced to jump while the Sheriff and Barry remain in the helicopter, providing support against the Taken on occasion. When Alan finds Cynthia, she tells him to go to the Well-Lit Room, and so Alan, Barry, Cynthia and the Sheriff all meet there. Alan finds a page from Tom, and mentions a 'clicker', a snapped-off light switch that Alan was given by his mother, that turns on a magical light and gets rid of all the darkness. At this moment, Alan knew exactly what he needed to do: He needed to go to Couldron Lake and use the clicker to save Alice and the town of Bright Falls.

Alan begins to drive to Couldron Lake, telling Barry, Cynthia and the Sheriff to stay in the Well-Lit Room as this is something he must do alone. After several encounters with large groups of the Taken and posessed objects, he reaches the lake, diving in and pressing the clicker. He ends up in a world filled with darkness, and as he illuminated pieces of giant text they began to form the house that disappeared. When the house reappeared fully, he heard Barbra talking and Alice screaming for help. When Alan heads into the house, he sees Barbra in front of him, a hole in her heart from Tom's attempt in the 1970s to kill her. He grabs her, puts his hand in her heart and clicks the clicker. The light fills her body, coming out of her eyes and mouth before the house is engulfed by light as well. Alan then walks to the typewriter in his study (with dark shadows still at his windows) and starts writing, saying that he knows how to write the ending and that the scales need to balance: Everything has a price.

The ending is ambiguous and is left to interpretation. A flashback of Alan jumping in the lake to save Alice occurs, after which a time lapse which seems to be going backwards happens. Alice is then shown swimming out of the lake and sitting on the dock, calling out "Alan?", with the house still gone and Alan nowhere in sight. Bright Falls is shown prospering in the middle of it's yearly celebration, Deerfest (which was 2 weeks away when Alan and Alice arrived), with Rose clutching the same lantern Cynthia, the Lady of the Light held, A dark, shadowy Nightingale is also seen standing in the window behind her. Alan is then seen at his typewriter again, the shadows still at his study's windows. He then says "It's not a lake... It's an ocean."

Alice is heard saying "Alan, wake up." before the game ends.

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