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Michelle´s duck facts!

* this page was added by Michelle *

Ducks eggs take 28-30 days to hatch, except Muscovy eggs which take 35 days. If you find a wild ducks nest on your property and dont see the mother on the eggs, dont immediately worry. Ducks law an egg every day or two until they have a full clutch (usually between 8 and 15) only them will the mother start to sit on them. It takes eggs 28 days to hatch from when she starts sitting all the time. When they hatch she will room lead them to a nearby body of water. The father takes no part in caring for the eggs or young. Another question im commonly asked is about sèxing them. This is pretty easy, for all the Mallard derived ducks (all the domestics except muscovies) there are two main clues. Firstly is that by about 10 weeks of age, the voice of the female is a loud quack, while that of the male is soft, and whispery.
Second, later on the males develop a curled feather (the drake feather) on the top of the tail. In muscovies by three months or so, the males are nearly twice as large as the females. Ive found that in younger muscovies the feet of the males are often relatively larger but i dont know if you can count on this. Very young ducklings have to be vent sèxed. Although domestic ducks (except for muscovies) are all descended from Mallards (anas platyrhynchos) most of them hav been bred so their bodies are too heavy and wings too small to support flying. Of the Mallard-derived breeds only Calls and some of the other bantam ducks can fly. Muscovies can lumber up in the air and flap about a bit but they sure dont remind me of birds!!

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