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Namaskar,I'm now going 2 tell u how to keep ur body&mind fresh all the days.If we've to live,why won't we live with peace& a good healthy body&soul?The Thing which will give us all this things is 1 of the renowned methods of Hindu Dharm named "Pranayam."
What r the benefits of it:
1.It will make ur skin shiny&fresh within 2 weeks if u do it regularly.
2.If u've Acidity problem,it will leave ur stomach forever.
3.If u've Piles disease,it will be cured forever.
4.The best thing u'll get by excercising this proceess is PEACE&obviouly a healthy body&more.

Caution: You must not think anything of this material universe while excercising,otherwise ur breathing may be obstacled.
Now lets know how &when to do it:

When to do it:
Stomach should be empty
to exercise "Pranayam".So morning is the best time.Take a bath before doing it.Seat facing east or north.It will be best if u seat before "Vagaban Krishna's bigraha"

Seat by putting ur legs crossed&touch the index finger with Thumb of both hands & place ur hands over ur knees.Close ur eyes,keep ur backbone straight.Think only of God,forget all tensions&desires of the worldly life.Then-
1.Inhale quickly&exhale all the air at 1 force/thrust.
2.exhale 1st&then inhale very quickly,keep doing it for some minutes.
3.Exhale quickly&restrict the rest of the air of ur lungs within ur throat by attaching ur chin with ur chest.Then pull ur anus by internal power.Keep doing it for sometime.
4.Now Put ur two middle fingers on two eyes
to close them.Block ur ears with ur thumbs,index fingers on forehead& other 4 fingers of 2 hands will rest on ur cheek.Now inhale slowly & exhale slowly by making long "Hooo....." sound like bumble-bee.Keep doing it 4 sometime.
5.Now again put ur hands with index-thumb finger attached on ur knees.Inhale slowly & exhale Slowly by sounding "A..u.....m".Repeat it 4 sometime.
6.Close the left nostril by pressing it from beside with the middle finger,close ur right year with the thumb of right hand.Then inhale&exhale naturally through ur right nostril.Do it 4 sometime.

Then do the same by closing right nostril&left ear with middle and thumb finger of left hand.Inhale&exhale through left nostril like before.

Practise it,at 1st nostrils will be felt
little uncomfortable during practice but it will be ok with the time being.Mind it NEVER be inattentive to during practice."Pranayam" assures you a healthy body& a fresh mind full of Peace...
-Tushar Kumar

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