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(MagIcK CirCle CaStInG)

StEp OnE: Preparation

Before You Cast Your Circle, Perform The Purification Ritual. Although Not Completely Necessary, It Washes Away Negativity, Mentally Prepares You, And Awakens The Magick Within.

StEp TwO: Set Up

Find a Quiet And Private Place, Lay Out The Circle With a Ribbon Or Cord, And Place The Corner/Element Representations In Their Correct Places. Gather All Tools And Magickal Supplies Needed For The Spell And Place Them Inside The Circle.

StEp ThrEE: Cleansing Sacred Space

There Are a Few Different Tools You Can Use To Cleanse Your Sacred Space. I Use a Ritual Broom And Walk ClockWise, Symbolically Sweeping The Circle And Banishing Unwanted Energies. Also, Carrying Incense Around The Circle (Clockwise) Fumigates The Area, Thus Purifying Any Negativity Present.
Another Commonly Used Method Is To Cleanse The Sacred Space By Using Saltwater. To Do This, Sprinkle a Few Grains Of Salt In A Jar Of Fresh Water (Baby Food Jars Work Well), And Mix. You May Want To Say a Purification Chant Over The Mixture To Empower It. (See The "Purification Ritual"). The Saltwater Can Be Used In Two Ways: You Can Either Dip Your First Three Fingers In The Mixture And Flick The Water In a Clockwise Motion, Or You Can Place Fresh Rosemary, Mint, Or Sage Springs Into The Saltwater And
Asperge (Sprinkle) The Circle. Whichever method You Use, Work In a Clockwise Motion, Visualize Negativity Leaving The Area, And Say This Incantation:

"In This Place Of Magick, Upon This Blessed Night, From North To East And South To West, I Cleanse And Purify This Sacred Space."

StEp FoUr: Centering

To Center, Stand In The Middle Of Your Circle And Face North. Place Your Feet In Line With Your Shoulders And Stretch Your Arms Up High. If You Are Going To Use a Wand To Cast Your Circle, You May Want To Hold It In Your Power Hand During This Exercise. Close Your Eyes And Take Deep Breaths, Inhaking And Exhaling Slowly. Visualize Your Feet Being Part Of The Earth; Ree Them As Roots, An Extension Of You. Let Your Whole Body Become Part Of Mother Earth´s Energies.
Visualize a Light Green Mist Coming Up From The Earth, Into Your Feet, And Up Through Your Entire Body. Pull This Positive Loving And Powerful Energy Into Every Part Of Your Being (Especially Your Palms). After a Few Moments, Visualize Your Feet As They Truly Are And Concentrate On Your Breath. Once Your Breathing Is Normal, Slowly Open Your Eyes, Let Your Arms Fall To Your Side, And Begin To Cast Your Circle.

StEp Five: Creating a Circle Of Energy

Standing Before The Northern Corner, Hold Your Power Hand Or Wand Out Directly In Line With The Edge Of Your Circle. If You Are Using Your Hand To Cast The Circle, You Should Keep Your Palm Completely Open During This Process. Slowly Walk Clockwise (Deosil) And Visualize a White Mist Coming From Your Hand Or Wand. Allow The White Mist To Linger Up And Down, Molding The Circle´s Energy. Once You Have Created a Circle, Stop And Stand In The Center. Say:

"O Ye Ancient Gods, I Cast My Circle Here, In This Sacred Time. Within The Circle I Am Protected So, In Perfect Love, In Perfect Trust. This Is My Will. So Mote It Be!"

StEp SiX: Invocations To The Elements /Corners

Stand Before The Northern Corner. Point Your Wand Or Index Finger To The North And Say:

"Spirits Of The North, Powers Of Earth, Come Unto My Circle, I Invoke Thee."

Visualize a Green Mist Coming From The North, Filling You With Warmth And Love.
Stand Before The Eastern Corner. Point Your Wand Or Index Finger To The East And Say:

"Spirits Of The East, Powers Of Air, Come Unto My Circle, I Invoke Thee."

Visualize a Barrier Of Fire Protecting You.
Stand Before The Western Corner. Point Your Wand Or Index Finger To The West And Say:

"Spirits Of The West, Powers Of Water, Come Unto My Circle, I Invoke Thee."

Visualize a Cooling Rush Of Water Sinking Into Your Body, Cleansing You.

StEp SeVeN: Invocations To The Goddess And God

Sit Down And Focus On The Goddess´ Energy. Light Her Candle (If That´s The Representation You Used) Or Look At Her Image (a Statue Or Picture, For Example). Say This Invocation:

"Maiden, Mother, Crone, Gaining, Waxing, Waning, Crescent, Full, And Dark, Sacred Dance, Sacred Chants, Journey And Dream, Cast Down Your Love, Upon My Sacred Time, I Call To You, Growing, Growing, Gaining, Waxing, Knowing."

Next, Look At The Image Of The God (a Statue Or a Picture) Or Light His Candle. Focus On The Lord´s Energy. Say This Invocation:

"O God, Lord Of Light And Shadow, You Who Are Ancient Like The Clouds, Powerful Like The lions, Eternal Like The Goddess; Join My Circle, I Ask Of You; Come With a Thousand Starts, And Divine Solar Love. Let Us Rejoice In Magick!"

StEp EiGhT: Perform The Ritual Or Spell

Spells And Rituals Should Be Prepared In Advance. Remember To Visualize, Harm None, And Have Fun!

StEp NiNe: Ground

Grounding Releases Extra Energy Into The Earth. This Step Is Necessary Because It Will Help You Feel Relaxed And Refreshed. Working With Magick Is Great Fun, But Sometimes You May Feel Anxious Or Tired Afterward. This Is When Grounding Exercises Help. To Ground, Sit Or Lie With Your Palms Flat Out Beside You And Touching The Floor. Visualize Extra Energy Flowing From Your Palms Into The Ground. Concentrate On Your Breathing And Allow Any Negative Thoughts To Travel With The Flow Into The Earth.
Finally, Visualize a Cool White Mist Coming Up From The Earth Into Your Palms. Allow This Light To Fill You With Calm And Peaceful Thoughts.

StEp TeN: Thank The Goddess And God

If You´d Like, Present An Offering To The Goddess And God For Their Help. Meditate For a Few Moments On Their Loving Energies. After Reflecting, It´s Time To Bid Them Farewell! Whisper The Following Goodbye Poems Or, If You Wish, Create Your Own.

"Blessed Be, My Great Goddess, The Ritual Is Done, The Magick Has Been Cast. Within My Heart You Remain, Abundant Of Energy You Sustain. Depart With Love. Merry Meet, Merry Part, And Merry Meet Again. So Mote It Be!"

"Blessed Be, My Lord, The Rite Is Over. The Spells Have Been Conjured, The Evening Is At Its End. With Great Love In My Heart You Remain, Abundant Of Energy You Sustain. Thank You, Loving God Of Happiness And Light. I Bid You Farewell. Merry Meet, Merry Part, And Merry Meet Again. So Mote It Be!"

StEp ElEvEn: Release The Elements/Corners

Slowly Stand Up And Turn Toward The Western Corner. Point Your Wand Or Index Finger To The West And Say:

"Western Spirits,
Element Of Water,
I Release Thee
With Blessings And Love."

To ThE SoUtH,

"Southern Spirits,
Element Of Fire,
I Release Thee
With Blessings And Love."

To ThE EaSt,

"Eastern Spirits,
Element Of Air,
I Release Thee
With Blessings And Love."

To ThE NoRtH,

´Northern Spirits,
Element Of Earth
I Release Thee
With Blessings And Love."

StEp TwElvE: Open/Release Circle

Walk To The Center Of Your Circle And Stand Upright. In One Sweeping Motion, Hold Your Wand (Or Hand) Up And Draw a Small Clockwise Circle In The Air Above Your Head. Say:

"The Circle Is Open, But Unbroken, Power Down, To The Ground."

Point Your Wand Or Hand Toward The Ground, And Visualize a Mist Falling In One Quick Motion To The Ground.

Congrats! You´ve Successfully Cast a Circle! Clean Up All The Tools And Relax. You May Want To Get Something To Eat Or Drink. Magick Will Make You Thirsty!

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