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2nd Interview with Brat

The following is my 2nd interview with Brat on 17/02/2008 at 14:55.

Mattsvoice: Then say something brat
Brat(14:56): something(G)
Mattsvoice: Thank you. shall we continue with the interview?
Brat(14:58): why did you change things on your site?
Mattsvoice: i didn't change anything. i just added more things 2 it. did you see the interview?
Brat(15:02): typical of you to add on things
Mattsvoice: Are you saying that i lied abt the interview brat? i have the chat saved. you and i both know that i posted it word 4 word
Brat(15:02): no you neva and you changed some spelling
Mattsvoice: lol you are quibbling abt spelling? I would have thought that the mere fact that i told the truth would have been more important 2 you
Brat(15:05): so why didn't you tell the truth b4?
Mattsvoice: i did brat. everything i said there is true. even you couldnt deny that what i said abt you was true
Brat(15:07): :@0:@1:@2:@3
Mattsvoice: lol
Brat(15:08): what's so funny? are you normally this slow?
Mattsvoice: what is the point of the vibes brat? shall we continue with the interview now or do you want 2 procrastinate some more?
Brat(15:11) i thought you might like the vibes(G)
Mattsvoice: im running out of patience brat. you may think that this is a joke but i assure you that the ppl you and your friends have hurt dont think so
Brat(15:14) are you threatening me matt?
Mattsvoice: lmfao brat. i dont threaten ppl. that is what you and ppl like taz do. you agreed 2 this interview. now you either start behaving like the adult woman you claim 2 be and treat this with the seriousness due 2 it or we end this interview now. your choice.
Mattsvoice: brat?
Mattsvoice: Does this mean that this interview is over? have you made your choice? im giving you 5 minutes 2 say something before i take the decision away from you
Brat(15:23): fuk you poes you're deleted(G) put that on your site lmfao

There you have it everyone. Brat who is the leader of the SD and the deputy leader of the spirits behaving like a teenager who is thwarted. You have just proved to the mxit public that you are unfit to be treated like a mature woman of 35. Well done!

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