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Chat between Nitemare & Brat

The following is a chat that Brat aka Fire~Fury saved between her and Nitemare on 10.06.2007 at 14:01
This occurred at the time that Brat was married to Destroyer and Nitemare was going out with Catalyst~fua aka Catalyst~sd aka Catalyst~sod.

Nitemare(14:01): At last. I luv u babes. u dont have 2 be jealous or uncomfortable
Fire fury: babe it just feels weird cause of zu i don't wanna hurt anyone shit i'm fukd up
Nitemare(14:03): no ur nt
Fire fury: maybe we both are lol shit how can i love 2 men but in different ways:x
Nitemare(14:05): how do u luv d
Fire fury: it's difficult to explain but i do luv him but somehow it feels like tings have changed between us. i know he's not around often but it's not only that he seems different too
Nitemare(14:08): in wat way
Fire fury: it's not like it was b4 it seems distant
Nitemare(14:09): Dats cos tings have changed
Fire fury: yeah i know they have changed
Nitemare(14:10): nd how do u luv me
Fire fury: you've always intrigued me it's like i'm a little girl again and in luv for the first time it's exciting yet scary at the same time
Nitemare(14:12): i knw wat u mean
Fire fury: so now tell me how you luv me?
Nitemare(14:14): wid everyting in me. i so much want 2 touch u 4 real, 2 brush ur hair away 4rm ur face, 2 hold u close. i curse da oath dat prevents me 4rm doing all dat
Fire fury: shit you don't know how much i want to touch you too and hold you and make luv to you for real
Nitemare(14:16): life sucks
Fire fury: i know it does but we need to carry on and make the best of it
Nitemare(14:17): yeah i knw
Fire fury: i just wish you had neva taken the oath but i understand why d made you take it
Nitemare(14:19) nw wat
Fire fury: you tell me
Nitemare(14:20): i luv u damnit but i cant hurt zu by making it public
Fire fury: i don't want to hurt her either or d so if we have to keep it between us then i suppose we'll have to
Nitemare(14:22): Do we have much of a choice
Fire fury: no we don't hey
Nitemare(14:24): fuk! dis sucks. i want 2 scream 2 da world dat i luv u nd u luv me 2
Fire fury: fuk i wish i could too but we can't
Nitemare(14:25): omf!
Fire fury: what
Nitemare(14:26): r we having an affair? ive never had an affair b4 lol
Fire fury: lol me neither. eish yeah we are
Nitemare(14:28): o k. so wat r da rules
Fire fury: noone else must know about this eva
Nitemare(14:29): i agree
Fire fury: what other rules do you want?
Nitemare(14:30): i dnt knw. i just tawt dat der wer rules 4 sumting like dis
Fire fury: i've neva done this either b4 so how would i know lol
Nitemare(14:32): wat abt friends? sum1 shud knw
Fire fury: who the hell you want to tell? eish
Fire fury: lmao i'm blonde. you realy think someone will tell you if they having an affair
Nitemare(14:33): i didnt mean dat eish man. i meant sum1 shud knw da rules
Nitemare(14:34): i tawt women told each oda everyting
Fire fury: i think so long as noone else knows that's the only rule there is
Nitemare(14:36): A secret is only as gud as da ppl wu share it. i wnt tell. trust me
Fire fury: i definately won't tell anyone i don't think they'd understand
Nitemare(14:37): yeah
Fire fury: dunno if i understand either lol
Nitemare(14:38): lmfao wats 2 understand? we luv each oda easy peasy
Fire fury: yeah i know i'm still in shock that we finally admitted it to each other

Do you want more proof that i'm telling the truth on this site? Stay tuned for more shocking revelations.

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