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-:- s2h diary -:-

i am me,, in all the world,, there s no one else exactly lyk me..everythng that comez out of me s authentically mine,, bcoz i alone chose it.. i own everything about me.. my body, my feelingz, my mouth, my voice, all my actionz, whether they be to otherz or myself,, i own my fantasies, my dreamz, my hopez, my fearz.. i own my triumphz and successe,, all my failurez and mztekz, bcoz i own ol of me, i can bcome intimately acquainted with me.. by so doing, i can love me and be friendly with ol my partz..
i know there are are aspectz about mysele that puzzle me,, and other aspectz dat i do not knw.. but as long as i am friendly and loving to myself, i can courageouzly and hopefully luk for solutionz to da puzzlez and wayz to find out more about me.. however i luk and sound, watever i say and do, and fel at a given moment in tym is authetically me.. if later some partz of how i looke, sounded, thought and felt turn to be unfitting, i can dzcard that whch s unfitting, keep the rest, and invent sumthng new.
i have da toolz to survive, to be cloz to otherz, to be productive and to make sense n order out of da world of people thngz outside of me.. i own me,, and therefore, i can engineer me.. I am me!!!

have u been in love? horrible isnt 8? it mekz u so vulnerable.. it openz ur chest and it open ur heart and it meanz that someone can get insidn u and mezs u up.. u build up all dz dfenses,, that nothing can hurt u,, then one s2pid person, no different frm any other s2pid personz, wanderz into ur s2pid lyf... u gve dem a piece of u.. but they juz dumb it one day, lyk kz u or smile at u, and then ur lyf isnt ur own anymore.. love takez hoztagez.. it getz u out and leavez u crying in da darknez,,
it hurz not juz in da imagination, not juz in da mind.. itz a soul-hurt, a real getz inside u and ripz u apart pain.. i hate love!!!


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