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`¤` Back To The Farm `¤`

I was born in August of 1949. I grew up on a farm in one of the very Southern states. We had cattle, pigs, dogs, cats, chickens, and geese there on the farm, although, not at the same time. Some of the cows, we milked, some we had for beef, and the pigs, of course, were for pork, and for sale at the West-Memphis, Arkansas stock yards, which was a several hour drive from our farm. I was able to witness as well as to do some of the activities that went on there on the farm, like watering and feeding the animals, helping to move the cattle from one area to another like to another pasture from the barn and the barnyard. As we got old enough we all got our chores to do. And, of course, there was the breeding of the animals. I was not able to be around much of the pig breeding, but I was able to be there once or twice when the boar mounted a sow. It was neat to watch the boar’s “corkscrew like” penis making it’s way into the cow’s vagina.
Another time, I was able to witness the Bull mounting a cow, and I was intrigued. It was such a short duration of time that it was over just about the time that it began. It was in and out. Another time, the bull was able to be up on the cow for a little longer and he seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit with what he was doing. I can remember that I got sexual with the animals. My brother who was 4 ½ years older than me introduced me to bovine (cattle). He told me to do like he did and he got behind his, raised her tail to one side, and applied a bit of saliva, rubbed his finger up and down the slit, and in went his finger. He did this for a while, then another bit of saliva and he then took out his cock from his pants, rubbed it up and down the slit of her pussy, then in it went. He put his cock into the heifer’s wet pussy, sliding in and out with ease. As he was doing all this, I was watching and trying to do the same to my little heifer.
I wasn’t having as much success as he was. Mine was a little too little and maybe I wasn’t putting as much saliva as I needed to put, but I was still getting some satisfaction because it was using my little cock for what it was intended to be used for, to f***. As we went more into the diary end of it all, we were able to get and milk more cows in less time. We milked the cows by hand before this, but after, Dad put in an automatic milking machine that ran off of vacuum. Just put the cups on a teat, one at a time until all four were on and the cow was being milked. While this was being done, there is a little bit of time that you can do other things…like cleaning up the poop, washing the other cows to get them ready to be milked, and to look around into space, or to go around to the back end of the cows that were giving their milk to the machine. This is when things got interesting for us two brothers.
My brother had most of the chores of milking the cows and thusly, had more time in the mornings to be with the cows. I am supposing that he was well satisfied in some ways. Most of my time was in the afternoon and evening, that is when it got interesting for me with the cows.
As time went on, I was drafted into more of the chores, which gave me more reason to be around the cows more of the time. I was able to do more work with the cows and to be able to experiment more in the ways that were, should I say, more exciting to me. I would wet my hand with saliva, rub it onto the place under the cow’s tail, and then in went my finger. I would do this for several minutes. Then, if the cow was in an area where I could climb up onto something, I would align myself to where I could get my cock in the area where I could put it into the cow’s vagina. At this time, I was able to enjoy doing this more. And enjoy it, I did. I’d catch my Dad away or out of the barn and I would take advantage of his absence as much as I could. I had a favorite cow that seemed to enjoy me. She was just the right height so that I did not need anything to stand on to reach with my cock to be able to put it into her vagina and to be comfortable for me.
One day, I was in the middle of enjoying myself when I heard my Dad coming down the stairs from the loft of the barn. I was in the direct sight line of the stairs. I jumped out of what I was doing, although I was really enjoying myself, crouched down and ran around to the side of the cow. When he had descended the stairs and gone out of sight, I got back up, and went back to what I was doing, enjoying myself with my favorite cow. She may have been in heat, because she was damp and juicy and soft and seemed like she really wanted me too. I did not want to be disturbed, so, I was very careful, but determined to get to an ejaculation. It finally came. I finally came, and I was in ecstasy. She was so wet, slick, and hot. That was definitely my favorite cow. The two of us enjoyed each other as much as possible.
It was when my brother joined the Air Force and my Dad sold the cows that I went into a depression, then we moved to another state on the Pacific Coast. I was in a total culture shock. I went from a nice farm, 240 acres, to a one bedroom house with about 10 feet between neighbors. I didn’t have any friends and in a totally new and strange place. It took me years to recover. But, now, I feel like I am fine and with 3 children and 1 grandchild, I am enjoying life. But, I still miss the cows, even at 57 years old now.

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